Published On: Sun, Jun 28th,

Tunisia Government Vows to Close Over 78 Mosques for Inciting ‘Violence’, Tourists Flying Back

The North African country’s government has decided to close mosques just because of inciting violence, terrorists attacking tourist attractions as shot dead about 39 people by hitting a hotel and hence.

those mosques who believed to be making cause of terrorism will e closed within a week, Prime Minister Habib Essid announced on Friday.

After the recent attack which killed almost 39, tourists decided to fly back to their countries of Tunisia, militants targeted a beach resort in the coastal town of Sousse, where some foreigners have been staying for days.

The mass departure of tourists on Saturday, came out in spite of the refusal of authorities who denied to believe that Friday attack was done by the Middle East’s dangerous militant organization Islamic State.

The authorities are saying that suspect is still in the country and no one informed about the attack before happening to police.

The country which is situated on the Mediterranean Sea has also commenced a crackdown on what it calls extremism.

It believed to be that a gunman who disguised as a tourist shot fired on a beach in front of two resorts, stormed suddenly by hiding his weapon in an umbrella on Friday.

The wave of huge fear is still traveling in nation after the incident and claim from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group for this attack.

After shooting, police personnel shot dead the militant who became the reason of 39 killings as well as wounded several people who also had hospitalized.

Onlookers reported media when asked about the incident, the attacker first targeted those who were at point-blank range, first on the beach after that moved towards the swimming pool and in this duration, has been reloading his weapon more than a few time as well as throwing an explosive.