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The Luxury Travel Destinations around the World


This article includes everything about luxury; from a luxury travel to a luxury accommodation. Scroll down to read further interesting details about how luxury is prevailing around us.

1. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Four seasons is a prominent luxury hospitality organization in the world, which together with Irongate, has announced plans for private residences and luxury resort on the unspoiled beaches of Baja’s eastern coast. Irongate is a real estate development firm. The opening is expected in 2018. The resort, Los Cabos, will be built at Costa Palmas featuring a private marina, beach (only for members) and yacht club. This resort will comprise of 3.2 km stretch of spotless white-sand beach and the swimmable, warm waters of Cortez Sea.

“Irongate has a great vision for the community of Costa Palmas and we are eager to work together to manufacture the premier luxury terminus of the region,” speaks J. Allen Smith, CEO and President, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “Luxury travellers rank Los Cabos a favorite destination and for Four Seasons, it is a perfect natural fit as we outspread our existence in Mexico. We count on inviting our guests from all across the globe to check out legendary service and quality of Four Seasons as they explore the beauty and richness of East Cape of Baja.”

The Resort will include a low-density design spread through several buildings, and an assortment of complete-ownership oceanfront, golf-side and marina-side private residences, and a warm assemblage of beachfront private villas customized for single-family. Together with numerous pools, broad outdoor and indoor wedding facilities and event, and 5 exclusive dining channels, the Resort will include an elite 18-hole golf course, enlightened fitness facilities and full-service spa. The widespread Resort grounds will be linked to a nearby yachting quay that will comprise of 200 slips to lodge 76m yachts and ocean-side marina village, occupied with artisanal boutiques, supplementary dining alternatives and local art and music.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts1
“We formed Los Cabos for friends groups and families who admire a mindful and fresh approach to resort lifestyle and design. The Resort is a location for all those who seek both a faultless service and spirited adventure,” says founder of Irongate, Jason Grosfeld. “Located on Costa Palmas’ unparalleled 2-mile coastline stretch with a swimmable, safe beach accompanied by an international marina, Los Cabos is established to become the distinguished location for friends and family to rejoin year after year.”

The crystal-clear, warm waters of Cortez Sea makes East Cape an excellent diving and snorkeling location, a site for some of the best sport fishing and light tackling in world, and first-rate kite boarding and windsurfing location. The peaceful atmosphere at Sierra de la Laguna Mounts’ base proposes boundless prospects of land adventure, from horseback riding, biking, and hiking to exploring hot springs, freshwater pools and waterfalls. The East Cape offers ideal circumstances for organic farming as fresh water comes off the mounts all over the year.

This resort at Costa Palmas is the 3rd addition to the expanding Mexican collection of the company, which presently involves estates in Mexico City and Punta Mita. The Resort will be joining a high-class assortment of Four Seasons resorts in places including Hawaii, Koh Samui, Bora Bora, Seychelles and the Maldives. The master plan of Costa Palmas is a partnership of San Rafael’s Vita Inc., Brooklyn’s Guerin Glass Architects and Mexico’s Humberto Artigas Architects with interior designing is done by Las Vegas’ TAL Studio.

2. The Luxury Island

The Luxury Island
Philippines encompass over 7,000 islands but Ariara is extraordinary. You reach this land of luxury after one hour flight from Manila, one by road, and 2 on Maya Maya.

Ariara comprises of 125 acres of unspoiled beach, rocky coastline and forest and coral-filled azure waters. The island comprises of 30 staff. The elite guests normally arrive from South Korea, China, Australia, and UK. The Resort allows you complete privacy; no neighbors to worry about and no noise to hear. The resort encompasses a dining room having a huge round table looking to accommodate 2 dozen guests, a central meeting place occupied with cream-colored sofas, and a Lodge, everything open to the soothing sea breeze. Down the garden trails, you can choose between: Beach Cottage filled with a hammock on front verandah, or raised Jungle Villas offering waterside views from bed and an open-air bath offering the forest view. It looks like having your own private island. The per head cost of staying in this villa is $500 excluding alcoholic drinks and fuel charges. 7-days stay price ranges between $30,000 and $60,000, depending on the number of guests.

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The Luxury Island1

You can get wind-blown ride on Hobie Cat, snorkel offshore, play “lead guest” role, selecting locations and menus for meals and cocktails or require any last-minute request. Anything is possible in Ariara.

3. The Luxury Suite in Grand Canyon

The Luxury Suite in Grand Canyon
Normally, when you hear the word “cavernous”, you don’t think of a luxurious hotel. Obviously, the words like “luxurious” and “cozy” make you think about a finest hotel you are willing to pay for. But this time, we are going to tell you about the Cavern Suite. This suite is situated 200 feet underneath the ground in Peach Springs’ Grand Canyon Caverns. This accommodation in Arizona is termed as “the world’s largest, quietest, deepest, darkest and oldest suite room.”

Walter Peck, a woodcutter, in 1927, nearly fell into a hole which unbolted into the cave network, 50 miles away (but at the same time connected to) the Grand Canyon. These dry caverns are the largest in United States, having no water and lacking stalactites and stalagmites formed by water dripping in other caverns.
The history says that expecting gold resources in those sparkly walls, Peck quickly purchased the property, but he later discovered that there was nothing like gold. Some entrepreneurial ideas triggered him and he started charging visitors to explore down into the caverns, making it tourist magnetism. By changing names and ownerships over the years, these caverns are now owned by group of friends who bought the estate in 2001. This accommodation now offers a restaurant, an RV Park, and even a golf course of Frisbee.

This Cavern Suite was the dream of its recent owners, who constructed it in 2010. The suite took 4 months in completion. You access this suite by riding 22 stories down the ground in an elevator. The elevator takes you to a 220x400ft having a 70ft ceiling. A corner houses a “room”, which is merely enclose by a small wooden fence giving it the look of a courtroom. You can stay up to 6 people with first 2 guest paying $800 while remaining paying additional $100. This Cavern Suite is a huge success with its room booked for 200 days in a year.
The room offers you lights, cold and hot water accessibility for shower and a fine quality restroom. A staff attendant stays above ground which is reachable all the time through a walkie-talkie. Visitors are allowed to use the subterranean elevator as they like. You can also enjoy a taste of adventure and can utilize flashlights to walk around the cavern on your own. A record player: a VHS player and a DVD player, is also provided.

The Luxury Suite in Grand Canyon1

“We offer you a TV and only 2 movies to watch,” states Casados. “The Descent and The Cave.”
In The Descent, a clutch of female potholers are tortured by meat-eating humanoids in a cavern. While in The Cave, archeologists are tortured by a huge monster. “No, I am kidding, that is just a joke!” Casados explains. However, they really offer those horror cavern-themed movies in their library (Casados tell visitors sometimes watch those films and most of the times regret it) guest can also select from family-entertainments such as Indiana Jones, or a collection of Alfred Hitchcock.

Seeing Marty McFly test his DeLorean from a sofa situated many hundred feet under the ground is a rare experience itself, but the cavern suite stay offer many other chances as well. For example, the tours never stop and pass by the suite. Conditional on the time of day travelers use to check in, they may come to meet 4 or 5 tour groups from the luxury of their outdoor room. Interestingly, a wake-up call is not arranged; groups start visiting at 9 a.m. According to Casados, some guests feel delighted to communicate with tour groups while others are pretty shy. Meanwhile as the cavern lacks any water, no animals live here and it is supposed that the spirits of long-dead explorers and workers and haunt the place.

Casados revealed that the typical guests are families staying for one night; however they have also served TV and film crews, including Billy Connolly, the Scottish actor.
These caverns are being utilized for several purposes over many years. During the crises of Cuban Missile, the location was marked as an appropriate fallout shelter and food for 200 people was kept in the cavern. The provisions still exist there and were never fished out. The leftovers of a mummified bobcat are being discovered, and the skeleton of “Gertie”, an ancient giant sloth, who tried to climb out through a wall and left cut marks there. The cavern is a real piece of attraction for peopling looking for some real adventu



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