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Top 20 Tips to Lose Weight Rapidly

In order to lose weight, the drill is widely known: eat less calories and burn more. But as a matter of fact, most of the diets plans or quick weight-loss plans do not give promised results. So, if you wish to reduce some weight fast, follow these expert tips which will help lose your weight quickly.

1. Write it Down

Research has revealed that individuals who make food diaries end up eating around 15 % less than those who do not. Normally people tend to eat more on weekends; almost an additional 115 calories each day of weekend, mainly fat and alcohol. Firstly, you need to control this excessive eating on weekends. Later, you need to cut down calories from snacks, drinks, sauces, dressings, condiments and spreads; they surely make a huge difference between weight loss and gain.

2. Add 10 Percent

If you are of the view that your calories consumption is around 1,700 calories per day and still you do not know why you are unable to lose weight, add additional 170 to your calories. It is quite possible that the new number is more accurate. Now, set your eating habits consequently.

3. Online Weight Loss Buddy

A study concluded that online weight-loss buddies assist you in reducing your weight. A research evaluated some volunteers for eighteen months. Those who followed an online weight maintenance program were more successful in reducing their weight as compared to those who merely met a support group face-to-face in.

4. Stick To Water After Breakfast

You can drink orange juice at breakfast. But for the remaining day, focus on drinking water instead of soda or juice. An average American takes in an additional 245 calories per day from soft drinks. It sums up to 90,000 calories a year or simply 25 pounds! The additional disadvantage is that, sugary drinks fail to initiate the sense of fullness the way done by food.

5. 3 Fewer Bites

If you go for one less treat or one less glass of juice per day, it can save you around 100 calories. So, this simple technique can prevent you from increasing those two pounds which are gained by majority of individuals senselessly each year.

6. One Less Hour of TV

A research was conducted on 76 undergraduate students to evaluate the effect of TV hours on their body. It was found that watching more TV caused them to eat more. It will help reduce your weight if you sacrifice one program and rather go for a walk.

7. Wash Something Once A Week.

You can choose among your car, bathroom tiles, the shower stall, a couple of windows or a floor, it will help a 150-pound individual to burn around 4 calories per minute of cleaning. 30 minutes scrubbing could burn almost 120 calories.

8. Don’t Eat Till Your Stomach Begs For It.

We intake quite often; in the moments of boredom, frustration, nervousness or habit, it has become so often that most of us have in fact forgotten the feel of physical hunger. If you are longing for a particular food, it is possibly a craving, not hunger. If you would eat anything that comes to your hands, probabilities are you are really hungry. Find other ways to relieve boredom, tame stress and express love, despite of eating.

9. Sniff An Apple, A Banana, Or A Peppermint When Hungry.

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This might sound funny, but it really works. A research was conducted on 3,000 individuals, and it was concluded that the more often people sniffed, the less hungry they felt and the more weight loss they achieved—per person 30 pounds on average. One theory behind this is sniffing tricks the brain and it thinks you are actually eating.

10. Stare At Blue Color.

Have you ever noticed that there is no fast-food restaurant bearing blue color in its exterior or decorations? This is because blue color acts as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, it is highly beneficial if you dress blue while eating, serve dinner on blue plates, and use a blue sheet for your table. On the other hand, avoid orange, yellow and red in your dining areas. It is found these colors enhance appetite.

11. Eat in front of mirrors

A study revealed that when you eat in front of mirrors, it reduces the intake by almost 1/3rd. The underlying logic is, when you look in your eyes, it reminds you of the goals you are pursuing; to lose your weight ASAP.

12. Walking Up And Down The Stairs

According to The Centers for Disease Control, you can reduce 10 pounds per year by just walking up and down the stairs.

13. Walk 5 Minutes For Every 2 Hours.

If you have a desk job, it is very necessary to follow a scheduled walk. A sharp 5-minute walk every 2 hours will conclude into an additional twenty-minute walk till the day end.

14. Walk 45 Minutes a Day.

You might be surprised why we are suggesting 45 minutes’ walk rather than the ordinary 30 minutes. Because Duke University found that while thirty minutes’ walk is sufficient to avoid weight gain in most relatively inactive people, exercise more than thirty minutes results in fat and weight loss. Burning an extra 300 calories per day with 3 miles of hurried walking could assist you drop 30 pounds in a year without even changing your eating habits.

15. Say No to Prepared Food

Avoid any readymade food that lists corn syrup, fructose or sugar among the 1st four ingredients. You should prefer to go for a lower-sugar variety of that particular food. If you fail to do so, get fruit instead! Go for sugar-free versions of foods like mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressing. Also, stop intake of partially hydrogenated foods, and try to go for more than 2g of fiber per hundred calories in all grain foods.

16. Between Every Bite, Put Your Spoon/ Fork Down

When you are at the table, try to sip water very often. If you use to talk share amusing stories with your dining partner, your brain stops your stomach by almost 20 minutes when it comes to satiety signals. If you are a slow eater, your brain will tell you that you no longer need food.

17. Throw out “fat” clothes

Once you lose weight, throw out all those clothes that do not fit you. The thought of having to purchase entire new apparel if you get fat again will act as a strong encouragement to stay fit.

18. Close the kitchen for twelve hours.

Once you have done your dinner, wash the dishes, wipe the counters, turn the light out, and tape close the refrigerator and cabinets. This is because, late-evening eating considerably escalates the overall quantity of calories you intake, a University of Texas research found. If you put a stop at late-night snacking, you can reduce 300 or more calories in a day, or you can say 31 pounds in a year.

19. Walk before dinner

Scotland University of Glasgow conducted a study on 10 obese women and found that if you walk 20 minutes before your dinner, it reduce your appetite level and increase sensations of fullness as well as a light meal.

20. Make Yourself Active And Social

To lose your weight, avoid the movies and enjoy some real scenes of a local park. It will not only let you sit less, rather you will save calories by not chewing that popcorn bucket. You can preferably opt for bowling, a guided city walk or a tennis match.


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