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Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks Ever Committed

Terrorism can be defined in a quite broad way and people tend to possess contrasting views regarding terrorism depending upon their opinion about a situation and who they feel sorry for. So, understanding the subjective nature of this topic, we have compiled a list comprising of those events which are condemned by majority of the world as terrorist activity. From the New York City to the streets of Baghdad, here find top 10 worst terrorist attacks ever committed.

1. 9/11

On 11th September, 2001, a series of 4 coordinated attacks was launched in the NYC and Washington DC by the al-Queda. 19 men hijacked 4 planes and 2 of those planes, United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11, crashed into the south and north towers of the NYC World Trade Center, resulting in its collapse within 2 hours. It also led to the demolition of adjacent buildings. The target of 3rd plane, American Flight 77, was the Pentagon in Virginia while 4th one, United Airlines Flight 93 whose target was the Capitol in DC, collided into a Pennsylvania’s field when passengers attempted to override the hijackers. These disastrous events resulted in the deaths of around 3,000 people.

2. Yazidi Communities Bombing

After 9-11, the 2nd most fatal attack on our list happened on 14th August, 2007 when 4 consistent suicide bombs blasted in the cities of Yazidi and Jazeera. Under major United States combat operations, it was the most fatal car bomb attack, resulting in 796 casualties while almost 1, 562 were injured. The fuel tanker and 3 cars carried 2 tons of explosives which smashed buildings, trapping everyone underneath, while others destroyed and flattened whole neighborhoods.

3. The Al Hillah Bombings

The Al Hillah Bombings’ attack stands 3rd on our list. The target of this attack was Shia Muslims, who were marching towards a pilgrim on 6th March, 2007 in Al Hillah. 2 suicide bombers putting on explosive vests blended with the crowd who were rejoicing a customary festival. Almost 200 people were killed in this attack.

4. Baghdad Bombings

Among the endless killings in Iraq, this terrorist activity involved five car bombs that blasted through the city of Baghdad on 18th April, 2007. The brutality targeting the Shia civilians at that time, was evocative of the clashes before the security of Iraqi capital. With around 200 fatalities, it happened just after Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, publicized that by the year end, the Iraqi forces would take up control of the nation’s security.

5. Mumbai Train Bombings

On 11th July, 2006, a sequence of seven bomb blasts happened in Mumbai on the Suburban Railway, which caused the death of 209 people and around 714 people were wounded. These bombs were inside pressure cookers in order to escalate the after-burn thermobaric reaction. Placed in the 1st-class compartments, these bombs detonated in the afternoon when it was a work rush-hour. It is said that the terrorist activity was done by the Students Islamic Movement of Inida and Lshkar-e-Talba, in revenge to the alleged tyranny of the Muslim minorities in the areas of Kashmir and Gujarat.

6. Sadr City Bombings

This 23rd November, 2006 attack comprised of a sequence of 2 mortar attacks and car bombs. It was among the most disastrous terrorist assaults in Baghdad which resulted in death of over 215 people while 257 were severely wounded. Once again, the target was the Shi’ite Muslim living in the slums of city. The attack was followed by a 24-hour curfew and complete shutdown of International Airport of Baghdad. The Shi’ite Muslims also reacted by burning alive 6 Sunni Arabs with kerosene.

7. Bombing of London Transport

On 7th July, 2005, a chain of three blasts was heard in the London Underground trains throughout the city, while the 4th one detonated in Tavistock Square in a double-decker. The attacks happened just after the day the city was selected to host the Summer Olympics of 2012. The attack was technically a suicide attack. Suicide attackers were carrying the homemade organic-peroxide-based devices into backpacks. The attacks spanned 57-minutes and resulted in death of 52 civilians along with the 4 suicide bombers themselves. More than 700 people were reported injured.

8. SuperFerry 14 Bombings

Number 8 on our list is the deadliest attack in the world happened at sea on 27th February, 2004. It concluded in the sinking of SuperFerry 14. It was 90 minutes after its departure from port Manila towards Cagayan de Oro. The terrorist attack resulted in death of 116 people. The attack was firstly considered an accident, but investigations revealed that a TV set having 4 kg of TNT was the sole reason of explosion. Though numerous terrorists groups claimed the attack, but Abu Sayyaf was the think tank behind this massacre.

9. Madrid Train Bombings

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Number 9 on our list is “11-M”. It is said to be the most disastrous terrorist assailt in Europe, which happened on 11th March, 2004. The sequence of coordinated bombing on the Cercania traveler train in Madrid was considered to be controlled by an al-Qaeda-encouraged terrorist group. The outbursts, which were only 3 days short of the general elections to be held in Spain, claimed the lives of almost 200 people.

10. Bali Bombing

In the history of Indonesian, it was the most deadly act of terrorism. The tragedy occurred on 12th October, 2002 in the tourist region of Kuta. It claimed the lives of more than 200 people, among which 38 were locals. Some members of Jemaah Islamiyah attacked local nightclubs, by using 2 bombs placed in a bag carried by suicide attackers and a car bomb. The 3rd bomb blasted in Denpasar in the US Embassy.

11. Karachi Bombing

The Karachi bombing occurred on 18th October, 2007 on the day when Benazir Bhutto, ex-Prime Minister, was received home after 8-year self-imposed outcast in London and Dubai. The explosions occurred in a parade when they were moving towards the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah from the airport. 3 police vans faced the power of the explosions assassinating 20 policemen on the spot and claiming the lives of 139 people. Among these, majority of people were Pakistan People’s Party’s members.

12. US Embassy Bombings

The last on our list is bombings in US Embassy. It was a chain of terrorist assaults on US Embassies on 7th August, 1998, in Dar es Slaam and Nairobi, the East African cities. It was the 8th anniversary of the entrance of United States forces in Saudi Arabia. The explosion occurred in a truck and connections were found with the local terrorist group of al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden. The trucks, laden with 3 – 17 tons of explosive materials exploded concurrently, claiming lives of more than 200 people and injuring thousands. Though the target was American facilities, but majority of victims were locals and there were only 12 12 Americans casualties.


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