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Top 10 World’s Best Airports of

1. Singapore Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport is the primary civilian airport of the Singapore and the prevalent transportation hub in the Southeast Asia. The Changi Airport is the currently ranked as the best airport of the world by the Skytrax which runs the airport and airline ranking and review site. The airport is the busiest airport by the global passenger and cargo traffic and incessantly ranked first as the world best airport for the last four years. The Changi Airport connects the passengers over 200 destination in all over the world with 5000 departures and arrivals in a week of more than 80 international airlines.

2. Incheon International Airport

The South Korean largest airport is also referred as the “Seoul-Incheon International Airport” and the primary serving airport of the Seoul capital area. The busiest and the largest airport of the world have been rated as the best airport for every year since 2005 by the Airports Council International. The airports is also been rated as the cleanest airport of the world and the best international transportation airport by the Skytrax. The airport contains the private sleeping room, spa, golf course, casino, indoor garden, ice skating rink and a museum which displays the Korean culture. The airport staff claims that the average arrival and departure only take 12 and 19 minutes respectively as it also rate as the fastest airport of the world in the passenger processing.

3. Munich Airport

The international airport in the capital of Bavaria “Munch Airport” is count for handling the 39.7 million travelers and becomes the 2nd busiest airport in terms of the customer’s traffic of Germany and the 7th busiest airport of the Europe. The airport facilitates the 228 destination in approximately 66 countries and also consider as the second hub of the Lufthansa. The airport has featured with the 2 passenger terminals, 2 runways and also contains the widespread cargo facility and the maintenance area. The airport is also fully equipped with all wide-body aircrafts such as the Airbus A380.

4. Haneda Airport

Tokyo International airport which is frequently known as the Haneda Airport is the primary civilian airport which serves the people of Tokyo. The airport is also the hub for the two domestic airlines such as the Japan Airline at the terminal one and the All Nippon Airways at the second terminal. The third largest cargo hub on the Japan also provides the private and business jets facility at the new “Premier Gate” with 30 days parking availability. The airport is also used for the foreign head’s arrivals and departures who visit Japan including the Japanese government officials.

5. Hong Kong International Airport

The Hong Kong leading airport is located on the islet of Chek Lap kok and comprises to the wide land and reclaimed for the creation of the airport itself. Airport starts its commercial operations in 1998 and since that it plays a vital role in the regional transportation and becomes the central passenger gateway and hub for the 45 destination and all of the Asia. The airport is considered as the busiest cargo gateway of the world and also rate for the busiest airport in terms of the daily travelers. The airport also rates for its largest terminal building for its passengers when it was opened in 1998.

6. Central Japan International Airport

Centrair is been categorized as the first class airport of the world and the key international gateway for the central region people of the Japan. The airport is rated at the 5th best airport of the worlds in terms of its dining facilities. The several other highlighted facilities including the extensive lounge space and the three-hundred meter long Sky Deck which offers the greatest look for the observation point of the aircrafts. The passengers also enjoy the sunset view at the runway by looking at the beyond of Ise Bay.

7. Zurich Airport

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Switzerland leading international airport is also known as the Kolten Airport and the major hub of the Swiss International Airlines. The airport serves the Switzerland largest city Zurich which has several transport links in all over the country. The airport is also been ranked at fifth in the list of cleanest airports of the world and also listed at No. 7 for the best leisure facilities including the restaurants, bar, long runway, the cigar lounge which and underneath a massive Soviet aircraft sitting at the runway end. The visitors can watch the air-plane when it takes-off when they are sitting at the Wing walker Bar.

8. Heathrow Airport

The largest airport in the West London, busiest airport in all over the United Kingdom and the Europe in terms of the passenger traffic and also ranked at the 6th busiest airport of the world. it was reported that 75 million passengers are handled during the years as it was the 2.2 % increase from the previous year. Almost 90 airlines used the Heathrow airport and flying across over the world approximately 170 destinations and it also the rate for its best base at the Virgin Atlantic and the primary hub of the British Airways.

9. Kansai International Airport

The Kansai Airport starts its operation in 1994 and since that the airport served as the international hub for several airlines such as the Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and the Nippon Cargo. The beautiful airport designed by the Renzo Piano who is the Italian architecture. The airport is the low cost carrier of the Japan and the first airport who offers services at the cheapest rates. The airport also has a connection with the railroad bridge at the Sky Gate Bridge and also offers the bus service which is called the “Airport Limousines”.

10. Hamad International Airport

The former international airport is replaced with the new international airport of the capital city of the Qatar. The airport was first schedule to become serviceable in 2009 but due to some delays it was finally become functional in April. The airport terminal one has 5 public space and 3 of them holds the 10 passengers gates and the rest of two are the full operational from first floor to the 24 Gates on the ground floor. The airport terminal 2 is still under planning because of the expected passenger load as the city host the FIFA World Cup in2022.


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