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Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World

To explore the fashion world from women is seems to be quite easy because there are number of high-profile brands exist in the world which offers luxurious and classy collection for women making them more stylish and elegant for any presidential ceremony.

Our topic is most expensive men’s suits and people possibly stun to know that there are men’s fashion industry is also not limited and height of men’s fashion clothes can be analyzed after reading this article.

Men’s fashion world is also parallel to the women’s fashion accessories and various companies offering high quality clothing for men in which some of are considered as most lavish and elegant not only for the style and class but also with price tags which are much higher than normal clothing.

Men’s clothing brands are enough costly to surpass the female fashion world in some manner, here we have made a list of top expensive men’s suits for you.

10: Brooks Brothers ($14,500)
The first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in United States Brooks Brothers has been considered as the oldest men’s clothier owned by Retail Brand Alliance now also deals in women clothing. The top ranked men’s brand has evolved the American style of dress through fashion fine quality, novelty, creativity, personal service, and incomparable value in their products. Brooks Brothers is one of most popular men’s clothiers in American and one of most expensive men’s suit maker in the world.

9: Ermenegildo Zegna Suits ($20,000)
The Italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna is another most expensive clothing brand of men’s wear that specializes in men’s clothing and accessories having very wide network all around world with 550 monobrand stores. The largest menswear brand was founded by Ermenegildo Zegna in 1910 and became one of leading men fashion house across the globe. The biggest world producer is also active in wool production and making improvements in this sector while it also produces suits for world famous labels like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Dunhill.

8: William Fioravanti Suits ($22,000)
William Fioravanti bespoke suits are among the best menswear in the world because it takes hours of hard work to make it perfect outfit for their customers in return of cost. William Fioravanti is recognized as the best of the best and most of time it has known as the Master which sets the standards which suits are normally available for $22,000 making it one of most expensive men’s suits in the world. William Fioravanti has often honored for various awards including Golden Scissors award and Academy of Master Tailors in Italy.

7: World Wool Record Challenge Cup Suits ($28,000)
One of the biggest and renowned men’s fashion houses World Wool Record Challenge Cup sold a collection of fifty suits on its store every year at very high cost becoming one of expensive men’s suits in the world. The event to pick out these suits has held in Australia and New Zealand in which numerous top designers entered to compete and to enter in the world of extravagance and stylishness. A recent winner of World Wool Record Challenge Cup competition has sold the suit for cost of $28,000.

6: Brioni Vanquish II Suit ($43,000)
Owned by French holding company Kering Brioni is a menswear tailoring house that is famous for its quality products for over years. Brioni has introduced its most expensive line of suits made from the ultra luxurious Vanquish II fabric having cost up to $43,000, the UK-based cloth-makers Dormeuil has produced the Vanquish II exclusively for the branded suits.The most prestigious men’s fashion luxury brand in America Brioni products are available around the global including Europe, Asia and America.

5: Desmond Merrion Suits ($47,000)
Desmond Merrion is one of the finest tailors on London’s legendary Savile Row and well-known name in the fashion industry. The client-oriented bespoke tailoring experience Desmond Merrion offers beautiful earth shattering threads in the finest cloths and linings available for customers for price of $47,000. This service is aimed at the client who wants the absolute truest and purest form of tailoring, most perfect craftsmanship and fantastic suits making added in the list of top best and expensive men’s suits in the world.


4: Kiton K-5 ($50,000)
The luxury ready-to-wear and bespoke clothing company Kiton offers more than outstanding tailoring to its clients who ready to pay some extra cost for that suits making it one of most expensive menswear in the world having suits prices ranges around $50,000. Founded by Ciro Paone Kiton has wide its business across the globe and its stores are present in various countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, USA and UK among others.

3: William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke ($75,000)
The Ultimate Bespoke suit is unquestionably the most luxurious and exquisitely crafted bespoke suit experience in the world which is entirely hand sewn without a single machine stitch. Crafted by our most highly skilled tailors it shows the perfection of hand craftsmanship which have never been seen before in fashion industry which involves more than 320 hours. The most beautiful and exquisite hand craftsmanship available in the world the Ultimate Bespoke is available for the price of $75,000 for which it has been added in the list of most expensive men’s suits in the world.

2: Alexander Amosu Bespoke Suits ($101,860)
The bespoke suit has long been seen as the mark of a distinguished individual Alexender Amosu, the nature of its service is based not only on opulent fabrics and customized accessories that make it most sought-after and exclusive service in the world but also on its foundations which is firmly on the expert craftsmanship and the years of experience of tailoring that allow us to create a suit in quite unique manner. Pricing up to $101,860 Alexander Amosu Bespoke Suit are among the top most expensive men’s suits all around the world.

1: Stuart Hughes Diamond Suit ($892,500)
The world’s most expensive suit designed by Richard Jewels of Manchester & Stuart Hughes of Liverpool having a rich blend of Cashmere wool, silk and diamonds. The suit has manufactured around 600 man hours containing 480 diamonds strategically positioned around the suit which is undoubtedly the only suit in the world. Stuart Hughes Diamond Suit is fine collaboration of Richard Jewels and Stuart Hughes which has been among the best manufacturers all around the globe.

  • O.J. Simpson.

    Anyone paying over a grand for a suit is a moron.

    • Demian Hoed

      That’s not true. Quality goes up somewhat up to 5000 for full bespoke. Over that, it’s just decadence.

      • O.J. Simpson.

        It is true.

        Total tools.

  • Micheal Ezell

    You are right … they don’t look better and fashionable than the normal suits


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