Published On: Sat, Jun 27th,

Teen Female Suicide Bomber Killed 10, Over 29 Wounded in Nigeria


Yobe: A female suicide bomber that revealed to be nearly 11, detonated herself with heavy explosives in a market, situated at insurgency-plagued Yobe state, in northeast Nigeria, authorities reported.

The nearly 11-year-old girl stormed with heavy explosives a market when customers and traders were busy in their buy & selling in distant Wagir village, 10 people have killed and more than 29 injured badly.

It believed to be that the Nigeria’s largest Islamist militant organization Boko Haram has been repeatedly targeting Yobe state by carrying out shelling, bombing– though, after the attack, no claim came out from the terror group.

As we all know, previous day, another teen female suicide bomber detonated herself at a bus stop which situated close to a fish market at Baga Road, Madiguri, the capital of the state of Borno and in this incident.

20 people were killed and more than 49 wounded badly, in which most were in critical condition when rescue crew were taking them to hospital.

Nevertheless, the latest suicide attack which done by teen girl in Wagir village, rescue team reached at the scene and taken all dead bodies as well as wounded people to the Sani Abachi Specialist Hospital in Damaturu for quick medical treatment but not any one injured badly in this incident.

On the other hand, the regional military coalition has claimed for their successful offensives against the Boko Haram in Nigerian territory where the group has its complete hold, despite it, Boko Haram has been carrying out their suicide attacks caused by many deaths as well injuries in nation for long time.

Security analysts have started research over the phenomenon as militants using teen girls to carry out the suicide bombing and who is behind the scene.

Boko Haram began its insurgency about six years ago, since then has been killing numerous people in northeast Nigeria.