Published On: Tue, Jun 30th,

Cairo Bomb Attack Kills Egypt’s State Prosecutor, Several Wounded


The Egyptian state prosecutor Hisham Barakat was assassinated on 29 June as his motorcade targeted by heavy explosives in the capital Cairo.

A bomb blast carried out on his vehicle which wounded him badly and because of serious injuries, Barakat died in hospital in the suburb of Heliopolis, Egypt authorities informed media.

According to Health Minister Adel Adawi’s statement, who was addressing to media in front of Al-Nozha hospital where badly injured Barakat was being treated, though, the doctors have revealed that ‘ruptures in the lung and stomach and internal bleeding’ became the reason of his death.

The authorities has announced acting prosecutor- general to Zakaria Abd El-Aziz Osman in place of Barakat on late Monday after his death. Late Barakat was performing his duties as prosecutor- general from 2013 to.

As explosives exploded, in the result about eight others were also wounded but received minor injuries and being treated in hospital. It said to be that Barakat has sent so many Islamists for trial after removal of President Mohammed Morsi’s government in 2013.

The authorities also informed that the terrorists installed explosives in a parked and when late prosecutor- general’s motorcade passing through the targeted location—on his way to might be office from home it was detonated.

Not anyone militant organization claimed for responsibility of bombing yet, while it feared to have the attack is price of his actions to send hundreds of Islamists who were involved in criminal acts or accused of terrorism and sentenced to death penalty who are considered to belonged to banned Islamists’ organization Muslim Brotherhood.

The Islamist fighters have been carrying out attacks for months on country’s security forces and Barakat is the most senior person who was on the target since a 2013 after the Morsi’s government.