Published On: Thu, Feb 5th,

Two bombs found at Central City Cairo International Airport



Last night two bombs were found at Cairo International Airport, Egypt. Both of these bombs were diffused by the bomb diffusal squad, no one was hurt and no damage was reported.

A blast took place in the morning in the Cairo city, scarring the by-passers; however no harm was reported in that blast.

The two bombs at Cairo international airport were found at two different spots. One was found at the arrival hall of airport’s terminal and other was planted near a police patrol location. According to the reports the bombs were controlled by a cell making it a remote controlled bomb.

Officials also said that if bombs were not diffused on it they could have caused huge destruction and hundreds of people could have died in it. Following Tuesday a bomb exploded in central Cairo city, in which once again no one was hurt but left the citizen scared.

In past 24 hours 3 bombs have been found in the city, out of which one was exploded and two others were diffused within a time, saving number of lives. The officials spoke to journalists on the condition of anonymity as the officials were not allowed to talk to journalists.

No militant group or agency has taken the responsibility of these attacks. However, the Islamic Militant groups have vowed to attack military and police personnel’s as a revenge for ousting and arresting Muhammamed Morsi, who was a first elected president of Egypt in 2013 and was a candidate of Muslim brotherhood, an organisation which is banned in number of countries in the world.

This political turmoil in Egypt has started since military coup of 2013, which unseated Morsi’s government. Since then country has faced number of attacks from small cracker bombs to suicide attacks causing number of deaths in the country.