Published On: Sun, Dec 21st,

11 Criminals Hanged In Jordan after 8 Years Death Penalty Freeze


Amman: 11 offenders were hung in Jordan on Sunday, as the government suspended the eight-year freeze on the death penalty.

International media reported that authorities hanged 11 criminals, convicted on murder, after the suspension of freeze of death penalty in the country, the King Abdullah II of Jordan in 2006 has suspended the death sentence.

According to reports all of hanged were local citizens, involved in murder cases in 2005 or 2006, however, officially the nationality of defendants and method used for execution did not revealed by authorities.

Interior Minister Hussein Majali stated that time requires an execution while public opinion suggested that rise in crime has been result of death penalty freeze; however, there should be major debate on death penalty.

Eight years ago, in 2006 122 of criminals had been hanged in the Jordan, although due to pressure of international human rights groups executions has been freeze in the state.