Published On: Mon, Dec 15th,

In Ukraine Conflict Over 4000 People Have Been Killed, UN

Geneva: United Nations stated that 4 thousand 600 people have been killed in clashes between Ukraine forces and eastern separatists since April.

According to the latest UN human rights report 4600 people have been killed and more than 9000 were wounded in the conflict in eastern Ukraine since April. In clashes nearly 300 were became the victims during last fifteen days.

The report stated that about one million people have been forced to move from their residences due to long lasting violation; hundreds were detained by armed groups which have been either killed or freed after heavy ransom whereas thousands of people were still missing.

Ukraine government failed to remove the conflict after few negotiations between both parties; however, a ceasefire agreement has been signed among Ukraine government and separatist on September, 5 but there is no fruitful outcome seen.

Russian rebels have major control on eastern Ukraine, involved in targeting government security forces and civilians also including women and children.