Published On: Mon, Jan 26th,

Ukraine Crisis: Pro Russian Separatists Attacks Mariupol Kills 30

Donetsk: Pro Russian rebels attacked on the strategic port of Ukraine’s city Mariupol on Saturday, killed more than 30 while 80 were injured.

According to foreign news agency pro Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine launched an offensive attack in key port city of Mariupol on Saturday through series of long range rocket missile which killed nearly 30 people while 80 wounded.

Local authorities reported that rockets hit the residential building and busy crowded market in the city which led to killing of dozens of civilian also injuring nearly 80; those were hospitalized immediately while some of them were severely wounded.

A separatist leader has stated few hours ago to attack that there would be no talks held between Ukraine government and rebels while they also rejected ceasefire agreement and claimed more territories to hold in the eastern region.

Ukraine officials and Western powers blamed Russia for all deadly happenings in the eastern region while Russian government accused Kiev to spark clashes between rebels and Ukraine security forces.

EU foreign policy chief has warned that the outrage of rebels to hit the Ukraine can spoil the relations of EU and Russia; the Head of EU urged Russian government to stop weaponry and financial support to separatist and finish the ongoing crisis using its influence and power.