Published On: Sun, Nov 16th,

Kiev Suspend Public Services in Eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Saturday ordered by decree the cessation of activities of public institutions and banks in the eastern regions of the country held by the pro-Russian separatists.

However, Kiev envisaged more as a way to challenge the separatists. The decision applies to public services such as schools, hospitals and relief. However, the money saved will be theoretically distributed as aid to these regions, according to a senior Ukrainian.

The presidential decree also ordered the evacuation, with their agreement, officials and the withdrawal possible documents and public goods. The courts, judges and prisoners will be moved out controlled by the separatists, according to the text, which also announced an amnesty for the perpetrators of petty crime areas. Within a month, it will be proposed to the Ukrainian central bank to end banking services to businesses and individuals.

Admittedly, the task is made more rebels challenging, but this endorsement especially divides the country already well advanced and that seems every day a little less reversible. A measure that further isolates the area under rebel control, but also its people who have given up and have to flee much sense that Ukraine has failed them.