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List of Miss Universe From Year 2000 to

Most beautiful girls on planet are presented here who have become Miss Universe winner in the “Miss Universe” contest in the 21st century.

Miss Universe Winner

Name: Pia Wurtzbach

D.O.B: 24th September, 1989 ( 27 )

Height: 1.73 m

Pia Wurtzbach is the winner of in the contest of Miss Universe. She is a German and Pilipino actress. She is the beauty queen, model, TV Host and actress. She was previously famous as Pia Romero who is a Filipino German actress, beauty queen, model and TV Host.

Miss Universe Winner

Name: Paulina Vega

D.O.B: 15th January, 1993 ( 23 )

Height: 178 m

Paulina Vega belongs to Colombia and she has remained a student at the Business University. She has done many shows like TV Host, Model and beauty queen contests. She was crowned with title of Miss Universe in.

Miss Universe Winner 2013

Name: Maria Gabriela Isler

D.O.B:21st March, 1988

Height: 1.8 m

Maria Gabriela de Jesus Isler Morales worked as a Venezuela Host of TV, beauty queen and fashion model. She was crowned in 2012 as a Miss Venezuela. This contest of Miss Universe was held in 2013, November 9. She was the best contender among the others. She was the best one in Moscow in 2013.

Miss Universe Winner 2012

Name:Olivia Culpo

D.O.B: 8th May, 1992 ( 24 )

Height: 1.7 m

Olivia Culpo is an American beauty who has this title of Miss Universe and won about two big beauty contests in 2012. She is the Miss Universe and Miss World as well and represents her home state in Rhode Island. Before that, she also won a competition and entered a pageant and attended a Boston University which was won by her and she is now enrolled in a school. She has been wearing a crown of Miss Universe in 2012 in La Vegas and she won the prize of Miss Universe from USA and got a crown over her head in 1997.

Miss Universe Winner 2011

Name: Leila Lopes

D.O.B: 26th February, 1986

Height: 1.79 m

Leila Lopes is an Angolan beauty queen and won a title of Miss Universe. It was her third title. The previous were Miss Universe 2011, Miss Angola 2010 and Miss Angola UK 2010.

Miss Universe Winner 2010

Name: Jimena Navarrete

D.O.B: 22nd February, 1988

Height: 1.74 m

Jimena Navarrete is an actress, beauty pageant contestant and model from Mexico who won this contest of Miss Universe in 2010 and she was known as NuestraBelleza  in 2009 from Mexico.

Miss Universe Winner 2009

Name: Stefania Fernandez Krupij

D.O.B:4th September, 1990 ( 26 )

Height:1.79 m

Stefania Fernandez Krupij is a beauty pageant of Venezuela and got a title of Miss Venezuela in 2008 and then became the Miss Universe in 2009. She also made a record in the Guinness book for being the first one who achieved a crown by compatriot.

Miss Universe Winner 2008

Name: Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada

D.O.B: 1st June, 1986( 30 )

Height: 1.76 m

Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada is a beauty pageant tittle holder and model who has won many other titles of Miss Venezuela in 2007 and then became Miss Universe in 2008.

Miss universe Winner 2007

Name:Riyo Mori

D.O.B: 24th December, 1986 ( 30 )

Height: 1.76 m

Riyo Mori is a beauty pageant of Japan who has got title and also she is the personality of television and was crowned as a Miss Universe in 2007.

Miss Universe Winner 2006

Name: ZuleykaJerris Rivera Mendoza

D.O.B: 3rd October, 1987

Height: 1.75 m

ZuleykaJerris Rivera Mendoza is an actress and beauty queen of PuertoRican. She became Miss Puerto Rico Universe in 2006 and then she became Miss Universe in 2006. SheDid her debut in Telemundoo’s soap opera Dame Chocolate as a television actress.

Miss Universe Winner 2005

Name: Natalie Glebova

D.O.B: 11th November, 1981( 34 )

Height: 1.8 m

Natalie Glebova is a beauty queen from Russian Canada and she also stood up for being the best Miss Universe and got her title in 2005.

Miss Universe Winner 2004

Name: Jennifer Hawkins

D.O.B: 22nd December, 1983( 32 )

Height: 1.8 m

Jennifer Hawkins is a beauty queen, television presenter and model from Australia. She is famous as the best Miss Universe of 2004 and she is known best for her face in the Australian department store Myer.

Miss Universe Winner 2003

Name: Amelia Vega Polanco

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D.O.B: 7th November, 1984 ( 31 )

Height: 1.85 m

Amelia Vega Polanco is a beauty pageant, musician and model from Dominican and is a title holder as well. She is known to be the first Dominican woman who was named as Miss Universe in 2003. She was very young when she won the contest in 2003 and she remained the youngest since 1994.

Miss Universe Winner 2002

Name: Justine Pasek

D.O.B: 29th August, 1979 ( 37 )

Height: 1.7 m

Yostin Justine Lissette PasekPatino is a model from Panamanian and was born in Ukrainian. She is the brand ambassador of FAO Goodwill and also she is the Miss Universe of 2002.

Miss Universe Winner 2001

Name: Denise Marie Quinones

D.O.B: 9th September, 1980 ( 36 )

Height: 1.78 m

Denise Marie Quinones is a beauty pagent and actress from Puerto Rican and has the title of fourth woman in her country where she won a title of Miss Universe and prior to her winning, she is known as the Miss Universe pageant and represented her hometown of Lares and became the Miss Puerto Rico Universe in 2001.



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List of Miss Universe From Year 2000 to

Most beautiful girls on planet are presented here who have become Miss Universe winner in the “Miss [...]