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BajrangiBhaijan Review: Peace, love, cuteness and entertainment

BajrangiBhaijan is a super amplified cross-border movie that has successfully made business all across the world. The movie has beautifully delivered the message of peace in subcontinent. Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie screens out the theme of humanity conquering the history of hostility. Into this constantly boiling cauldron, he throws a sincere, honest Hindu do-gooder and an achingly blissful but speechless Pakistani girl who is 6 years old and stuck on the Indian side of border.

Connecting many divides of religion, food habits and national identity, both cultivate an unlikely bond that rubs out all biases. Influenced by his faith in Bajrangbali, the man puts his everything at risk in order to escort the lost girl to its hometown safely.

BajrangiBhaijaan runs with this wafer-thing ground with such unrestrained passion and strength that you might be exonerated for doubting if the future of the universe hinged on it. But still, from Salman Khan’s core constituency’s perspective, this movie seems a touch tame.

The blowy superstar goes missing in BajrangiBhaijaan as do his signature dialogues. Clearly a calculated risk, it is a bid to reinvent a fruitful screen facade that might have outlasted its efficacy in the light of the aging actor’s off-screen problems.

As BajrangiBhaijaan, Salman Khan plays a Hanuman-fearing, straightforward and truth-loving gentleman of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pardesh ho does not break laws or bones. Being a “bhakt” of “Bajrangbali” he does not indulge himself into fights, spurts no explosive lines and does not take his shirt off. For most of the fans, it might be quite boring. But, at-least he is no more a mortal in policeman’s uniform scrubbing a dirty neighborhood. He is now an activist for love and truth knowing no limits. Like the monkey-god he worships in this movie, he can jump over any bay of mind and land.

In the whole movie, Bajrangi loses his cool on two occasions, once when he needs to free the girl from a bunch of human traffickers and second in Pakistan police outpost when the policeman treat the little girl out of kindness. In this film, what Bajrangi pursues to communicate is creditable in recent climate of mistrust. The Pak-India border clearly plays an important role in this movie.

The screenplay passes through the whole distance from Wagah-Attari to Rajasthan and then from here to Kashmir. This is exactly the place where the drama concludes on an incredibly preachy and screechy note.

Stern fences and daunting iron gates reveal into view every now and then. At one scene in movie, the viewers are told that wires along the border have 440 volt passing through them. So it is truly the measure of heroic act of escorting a speechless Pakistani girl back to her hometown up in the mountains on the Pakistani side of border.

The movie starts from the view of Pakistani village where a pregnant woman is among a family group watching Pak-India match on TV. The match is won by ShahidAfridi’s boundary stroke and crowd explodes in joy. The born girl is name Shahida. The little girl is unable to speak and movie does not explain any reason behind this. However, she does not lack any vocal or listening organ system as she is able to hear in whole movie. Her mother decided to take her mute daughter to shrine of HazratNizamuddin in Delhi in hope that heavenly involvement would restore her to speak.

On the way back to Pakistan, the mother dozes off and Shahida gets off the train in order to play with a baby goat. The train leaves without her. Ending up in Kurukshetra, the girl meets with her would-be-savior Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (BajrangiBhaijaan). Bajrangi makes his huge entry dancing and singing the song of Selfie Lele re, accompanied by a giant statue of Hanuman.

The hero who is son of an RSS man and a pedant for form, fails his school leaving exams 10 times and is unenthusiastic to wrestling as he is elated too easily. When he actually passes the exam at his 11th attempt, his father gets shock to death. The wrestling still remains abhorrence to Bajrangi.

In old Delhi, fighting his own partialities and those of Dayanand(SharatSaxena) family. His only supporter in this fight is the daughter of patriarch, Rasika (Kareen Kapoor).

Tunneling his way into Pakistan, he is surrounded by battery of cops and security agents strong-minded to bring the “Indian Spy” to book. Under the oath of Bajrangbali, Bajrangi does not tell a lie, keep away from meat and destined to escort Shahida to her parents.

In his uphill mission, he comes to meet and aided by journalist, (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a bus conductor and a maulana (Om Puri). All of them get impressed by his mission and save him when the cops come calling.

Salman Khan may the key driving force of this movie, but the true star of this movie is the super-cute and innocent actress Harshaali Malhotra. Her cute winning smile, her big and playful eyes and her cute ever face can melt the hardest heart, even that of dyed in the wool of critic. She gifts her fans with a lot of “aww” moments in this film.

Unnecessary to say, Salman appears to be a one man army against all interruptions and its his style that is praised by his fans. Besides, you may also love Nawazuddin’s act of reporter. Kareena Kapoor glows in this movie but it is the most of it.

So, BajrangiBhaijaan is totally reliant on superstardom of Salman Khan and he pulls it off. According to our review, it is an entertaining movie and falls in the not-to-be-missed category. And if you are not a confirmed fan of Salman Khan, Harshaali will surely be stealing your heart.