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Top 10 Hilarious Instagram Profiles You Must Follow

If you are an active Instagram user, you must be following a large number of interesting profiles. But these 10 profiles will provide you an entire different perspective of entertainment and amazement. Scroll down to find out top 10 most interesting Instagram profiles to follow.

1. @MrPimpGoodGame

@MrPimpGoodGame is 37 in real life. His name is Benny Winfield, Jr. He is serving as a customer service representative for a medical supply company. But on the internet, he is recognized as “The King of The Selfie Movement.” His Instagram profile is followed by thousands of people. The most unique thing about his profile is his signature appearance—a daily, almost identical smiling selfie.

2. @jenselter

If you are interested to follow some attractive butt stuff, @jenselter would be a perfect profile as her Instagram attracts around 2 million followers. Even the famous singer Rihanna is among those 2 million. @jenselter is widely recognized as having the most famous butt on Instagram. Jen Selter (real name), who is just 20, gained tens of thousands of followers when she started posting her working out pictures on Instagram. Every picture was exclusively posted by displaying her projecting backside in yoga pants. She widely confesses that she does not share a lot of face pictures, because people don’t want to see her face.

She also states that though her pictures are a bit “exposing” but her fitness program has been quite worthwhile. At one side, she is an inspiration to a huge number of followers while on other; she has contracted her 1st exclusive endorsement deal with Cirrus Fitness, a manufacturer of fitness equipment.

3. @itslavishbitch

Param is the most loathsome kid on Instagram who exhibits his wealth and goads superstars. Living in San Francisco, this spoiled and trust-fundie goads celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna all while showcasing the big currencies to his more than 350,000 followers.
Meanwhile the media is trying to find out who the guy is and whether his wealth is real or a trick, followers observe Param’s recurrently irritating tricks, which include pouring Pellegrino in the toilet, flashing bundles of cash, or fastening $4000 to helium balloons and discharging them into the air.

4. —@tipsforjesus

This is quite an interesting account in its own. It is an anonymous tipster who pays thousands in tips throughout the state and leaves his trace on Instagram. From September 2013, a nameless good Samaritan has been roaming throughout the United States and leaving tremendously generous tips roughly between $500-$10,000) at random venues. @tipsforjesus is the Instagram account which follows the trail of money.
It is thought that the source behind the kindness of @tipsforjesus is not a single person, rather they are many. In December 2013, it was revealed that Jack Selby, Vice President of PayPal, is the possible identity behind the tipper.

5. @miserable_men

It is an entertaining Instagram account which displays miserable men waiting in anguish for their partners busy in shopping. It is said that the love for shopping does not normally cross gender lines, and this funny Instagram account really proves it. The account shows men from all around the globe who pass their time by sleeping, texting or eating in numerous stores while waiting for their buddies/partners to complete shopping.

6. @ohheyitschaz

Number 6 on our list is a high school pupil, Chaz Rorick, who uses his Instagram profile in order to imitate every president of United States. Rorick lives right outside of Rochester. He was stirred to take his own photos as every president of United States after watching a documentary on President Harry S. Truman. After done with presidents of United States, he has started to imitate sports figures and world leaders, both present and past.

7. @TravelingMrFox

It is a somewhat different Instagram profile which follows the world journeys of a stuffed fox in order to raise money for a good cause. Mr. Fox is a stuffed animal, who is owned by Jessica Johnson for 30 years. They wander around the world together, and Jessica use to take photos of her cherished toy at every corner of the world. The globe-running fox has been to such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican and Buckingham Palace.
Presently, Jessica is taking their adventures to an entirely next level in order to help a sick friend. She intends to publish a book regarding her travels with the fox in order to raise money for a trip around the world for the sick man who bought her the fox.

8. @mathu7

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Mathu Andersen is a creative androgyny makeup master. He is a creative producer of RuPaul’s Drag Race who shocks his followers everyday with his complicatedly androgynous and stylized selfies. Andersen says that he likes being that distinct thing that people can stagger upon and possibly even get thrilled enough to share with others. He likes to be left to his own whimsy and devices.

9. @cookingforbae

This Instagram profiles features the foulest ever food fails. Food porn has been given a rise by Instagram, but it captures the most terrible food fails on the Internet. People who are weak of stomach are advised not to watch this profile.

10. @satiregram

The number 10 on our list is @satiregram. It is a cunning profile that imitates Instagram cliches with funny results. Throwback Thursdays, duck-face selfies and Food photos, and are all roasted in this account. But, in its place of sharing photos, the profile posts are written explanations of photos and the motives why someone would share them in the 1st place.

11. @humaidabuqaish

Never says that filthy rich are more than an attractive selfie with the exotic animal and @humaidabuqaish has achieved the cult following on Instagram by simply doing that. Almost 360,000 followers are treated like a daily dose of AlBuQaish and his big cats. However it is not clear that how he gets his wealth, he lives a luxurious life which most of them is just a dream. Thereof ere, in order to follow the ultimate luxury with tigers and lions, don’t forget to follow @humaidabuqaish.


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