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Top 10 Fastest Helicopter in the World

Helicopters are mostly used for an effective and efficient transportation and also a most comfortable source for combat, logistics, troop deployment and supplies. Helicopters with its loading capacity and speed become very critical especially in wars and rescue purpose. Helicopters are first appeared in the World War II for supplies to their soldiers and they become modernized day by day and their capacity increase according to the demand. Here is a list of 10 fastest helicopters that is based on the shared score of their firepower, protection, performance and Avionics.

1. Eurocopter X3

Eurocopter X3 is the world fastest helicopter and achieved the highest speed of 472 km/h with 255 knots in flight level of France in 2013. Eurocopter X3 is also known as the long range high speed hybrid helicopter. The X3 helicopter record the unofficial speed with the help of two powerfully Rolls Royce turbo shaft engines and one single engine generating a power of 1,693 KW. Eurocopter X3 receives the award of American helicopter society in 2012.

Eurocopter X3

2. CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 is become second on the list of fastest helicopter in the world with a highest achieving speed of 315km/h. it is a tandem rotor heavy pick up American helicopter with two engines and the each engine generating a power of 3,529 KW and make able to fly over 20,000 ft . CH-47 is the heaviest lifting helicopter and has capacity to carry 10,886kg and also performing other multiple actions. It was first used by the US Army in 2007 for the moving equipments, troops, artillery and also provides a cargo support in the humanitarian release operation.

CH-47 Chinook


MI-35M is the world third fasted helicopter with a massive speed of 310km/h. The helicopter is first introduce by the Mil Moscow helicopter plant in 1972 and since it been used by the Soviet forces. Because of its succession the helicopter is also used by other 30 countries armed forces. The Mi-35M is gone through production phase at Rostvertol plant in 2005. It is renovate with the two engines that generating the power of 2,200kw and helps the helicopter to fly over 17,000 ft with the 460 km fuel capacity.


4. AW101 (EH101) Merlin

The AW101 is the 4th fastest helicopter of the world which can travel 309 km in one hour. It was first designed by Agusta Westland for civilian and military purpose. The helicopter is powered with the 3 RTM322 Rolls Royce turbo shaft engines that increase its ability to fly high and fast with high lifting capacity. The single engine producer a power of 2,270 KW that ensures it operation with a maximum height of 15,000ft.

AW101 (EH101) Merlin

5. Agusta Westland AW139

The AW139 helicopter is the average sized with twin turbine new generation helicopter which is produced by the Agusta Westland. The helicopter achieved its maximum possible speed of 306km/h and ranked as the world 5th fastest helicopter. The AW139 can fly with its maximum speed with the 10 entirely equipped soldiers or the 15 normal passengers. The helicopter becomes the one of the most dominant products of Agusta Westland in 2003.

Agusta Westland AW139

6. NH90

The NH90 is a multi role medium type helicopter and including the list of world fastest helicopter at 6th place. It is developed under the need of the NATO requirements whose armed forced needs a battlefields helicopter which is capable to perform in poorer environment. The NH90 helicopter which is loaded with the two engines is developed in two different versions. The first version is the tactical troop transport (TTH) and the second is the NATO frigate helicopter (NFH). The high performing engines allows the helicopter to fly over 10,500 ft with a speed of 2,200ft/min.


 7. Ka-52 “Alligator”

The Ka-52 Alligator is the fighting and the investigation next generation helicopter which is designs by the Kamov Bureau on the demand of Russian armed forces to meet the challenges of combat missions. The helicopter has ability to fly with a highest speed of 300km/h which include it in the list of fastest helicopter of world. The Ka-52 helicopter is become a power-driven with the help of two turbo shaft VK-2500 engines and allows it to fly high at 5,000m altitude. The helicopter also has ability to take-off and landed safely in hot as well as icy and cool conditions.

Ka-52 “Alligator


8. Mi-28 Night Hunter

The MI-28 is the Russian 4 seasons, day-night two seated military tandem and anti armor targeted helicopter. It is developed to carry out the search and demolish the enemy’s tanks and able to get target at lower speed. The helicopter reaches the greatest speed of 300km/h with the help of 2 VK-2500 engines that producing the power of 2,200hp by each engine. The MI-28 can fly high at 5,600m with a loading weight of almost 11,000kg.

8. Mi-28 Night Hunter


9. Mil Mi-26 (Halo)

The Mi-26 is the heaviest transport helicopter which is created by the Russian aviation plant. The helicopter attains the maximum speed to travel 295 km in one hour and appear second last in the list of ten fastest helicopters of the world. It is the leading and the heaviest weighted helicopter that can lift the airline plane with its remarkable effort and power. The Mi-26 is equipped with the 2 turbo shaft D-136 engines and one engine generating the power of 11,400hp. The helicopter achieves its highest flight range of 800km along its main fuel tank and flies over 4,600m altitude.

Mil Mi-26 (Halo)

10. AH-64D Apache

The AH-64 is the American multi functional and advance combat helicopter. The helicopter achieves the maximum speed of 284km/h even in hot conditions. The AH-64 has two turbo shaft engines with four blades and tail wheel type landing gear facility with two man sitting arrangement in cockpit. The high performing engines produce the power of 1,890 hp and ensuring the helicopter to fly over altitude of 15,895ft.

AH-64D Apache








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