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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World In

What you all think, how corruption generates? Which elements raise it? So, answer is that human errors are the reasons of its creation as so many politicians and other officials use it to get personal benefits by killing their conscience.

The corruption comes out when people want to gain personal benefits in short time and that act of wrongdoers, calls selfishness. Not only a single person doing corruption, even many love to do this bad act daily by working in different institutes in countries.

Nowadays, corruption appeared to be main part of our society and authorities never take action against those who do. We have tagged those countries names in top 10 most corrupt countries in the world in where it is being done regularly.

10. Iraq
The Islamic country Iraq which considered to be most dangerous in Middle East as suffered terrorism because of civil war. The corruption has been appearing on top in country over the Saddam regime, and being done nowadays. Millions of dollars have been spending on terrorism activities, people are being killed for just for their personal interest as well because of racism. The system of the country is weaker and don’t have power to control it.


9. Myanmar
South East Asia country which officially calls the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, located at near the border of China on the north, eastern side on Laos and southern side of Thailand. The country is rich in natural resources such like timber, gems and oil. The weaker system remained fail to its blessings by God intelligently and corruption is being done in every institute in the country highly, reason why it tagged on ninth-position in our Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World in list.


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8. Turkmenistan
Central Asian country Turkmenistan who gained freedom in 1991, but spent over 65 years under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, they have left bad impacts on the government of the nation. However, brutal Soviets are still part of the country and making spoil more the system. Reason why the country suffered high-scale corruption and no one tries to change its system.


7. Libya
North African country that has been facing turmoil for a long time, situated close to borders of Egypt to the east, Mediterranean Sea to the north, Sudan to the southeast, Niger and other. Libya is running on transitional power structure and hence the country couldn’t grow well yet. Because of clashes between rebels and other group, corruption remained at top all the time as civil war has been destroying its economic and civilian believe to do wrong acts to get money.


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6. South Sudan
Northeastern Africa’s landlocked country, which became an independent land in start of January 2011, South Sudan, appeared a separate piece of land while it was part of Sudan first. South Sudan doesn’t have traditional long-standing government structure and has been running on republic structure. The corrupt politicians have been destroying its economic system and remained undeveloped yet. South Sudan also suffered clashes in its many regions which is the only cause of high-scale corruption in the current as every group has its own rules.


5. Afghanistan
Another Islamic landlocked country Afghanistan, officially known as Republic of Afghanistan, placed within Central Asia and South Asia. In terms of population it consists of 31 million people. Afghanistan remained in occupation of Taliban and huge clashes have been part of the country since many decades. Afghan politicians also remained huge icons of its destruction as former president of the nation Hamid Karzai appeared one of the corrupt leaders in the country. Afghanistan best known for its heroin production worldwide and people love to kill each other just for their own interests. The weak governance and disagreement with insurgents kept nation undeveloped.


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4. North Korea
East Asian country which is running on dictatorship rule, placed near Chinese border, was formed in October, 1958. According to latest estimation, consists of 24,895,000 populations. The East Asian land remained on top because of its crisis as little electricity and sending citizens to prison camps. The collapse of the Soviet Union as well Natural disasters, and illegal jobs remained only recognition of North Korea and hence nation couldn’t develop well until now.


3. Sudan
An African country in the Nile Valley of North Africa was formed in January, 1956 and still running on federal republic system. Conflicts between ethnic groups and others factions are being occurred for decades. South Sudan separated as independent land in start of January 2011 from the rest of the Sudan, consists of 37,289,406 populations. According to recent estimations, the 64.5 % citizens of Sudan are still facing poverty in nation. Downfall ruling in Sudan for decades just because of long-standing groups’ battling in many regions of the land and hence citizens have been facing bad time for year as rulers just ruling for just their personal interest as corrupt.


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2. Syria
World’s most dangerous Islamic nation Syria, where bloodshed is all time going on as Islamist originations are working for their personal interest while getting money from supporter countries. Extremist killing people every day and weaker governance remained all time failure to stop the civil war in country. Smuggling, target killing, racial conflict are main topics which making Syria hell or almost appeared to be hell. Innocent citizen are still hoping for good and facing fighters’ brutality day & night.


1: Somalia
An Arabic undeveloped country Somalia, who is still on the top rank in list of the ‘Failed States Index’ form 2008 to 2013 and its political parties couldn’t change the bad system of the land for many decades as fight between Al-Shabaab insurgents and other groups are still being done for years.

The United States also tried hard to establish peace as complete parliament system to conduct well country, while insurgents fought them and made their intentions fail. Black Hawk incident occurred in 1993 when US vowed to send its troops for establishment peace and removal of rebels. All went vain as racial war has strong roots in Somalia which consider huge platform of corruption as well terrorism.


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