Published On: Thu, Jan 15th,

Egypt Court Ordered To Retrial Hosni Mubarak Case


A court of Egypt is ordered to retrial the case of corruption on Egypt former President Hosni Mubarak and on his two sons which is last year sentenced for several years prison.

In the judgment of a court of qahira on Tuesday and due to the decision of court the remaining punishment of Hosni Mubarak is ended. The court cannot say that before retrial he will be released on bail or not.

A lower court had in may announce that his involve in dazzlement of funds of 1 billion and 70 million which were sued for renovation of Presidential Palace.

86 years old Hosni Mubarak in a military hospital serving three years sentence. Whenever His sons Gamal Mubarak and alaa mubarak sentenced for four years.

The former president facing a retrial case in which his blamed in 2011 deaths during movement. As a result of this movement, he had to leave his power. He discharges from the charge of president.

In his first trial was held guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, in November, the court annulled the decision of the charges against them dropped. His punishment is ended.
Prosecutors have appealed against the decision of court.