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The Top 10 List of Fastest Animals in the World

There are variety of animals exist in the world in which some are land animals while some can fly, some can run and other can crawl, some are predator and other prey, some are calm and other are violent.

The species of animals on earth is countless because numerous animals live in different regions like few kinds of animals are living in African region while some are in Asian, some exist in south America and North America while some are more common in Australia and New Zealand.

Here we are talking about the fastest animals in the world and when it comes to speed few animals just hit the mind sharply, the list of fastest animals is given below:

10: Gyrfalcon (128 km/h)

The gyrfalcon is the largest of the falcon species which breeds on Arctic coasts and islands of North America, Europe, and Asia and dispersed throughout much of Northern Hemisphere with populations in Greenland, Northern America, and Northern Europe. Gyrfalcon has been added in the list of fastest animals in the world with speed of 128 km/h, the animal’s plumage varies with location having birds being colored from all-white to dark brown. The national symbol of Iceland gyrfalcon is a valuable hunting bird, highly valued among the Vikings for centuries.

9: Cheetah (120.7 km/h)

The cheetah is a big cat in the subfamily Felinae that lives in most of African region, can run as fast as 109.4 to 120.7 km/h becoming one of fastest and fastest land animal in the world. Cheetah is true hunters that hunt various antelope species and hares with their dewclaw and it’s rare that Cheetah will end the chase without being captured its prey because of its evolutionary arms race. Cheetahs are notoriously poor breeders in captivity and listed as vulnerable because of loss of habitat and prey among other reasons.

8: Black marlin (130 km/h)

Black marlin is a species of marlin that has been found in tropical-subtropical areas of Indian and Pacific Oceans that placed among largest marlins and also one of largest bony fish. Black marlin is also placed among the fastest animals and fastest fish because of its speeds of up to 130 km/h though it is able to unwind fishing line. It has also found in Southern California to the Gulf of California to Chile, usually tend to stay in warmer waters and hunt the surface.

7: Red-breasted merganser (131 km/h)

The red-breasted merganser is a diving duck, one of the sawbills this animal is another fastest animal on the planet having speed up to 131 km/h. The prey of this fastest animal is mostly the small fish in the water, though it also aquatic insects, frogs and crustaceans. Red-breasted merganser inhabits in breeding mostly around the location nearby coasts, freshwater lakes and rivers across northern North America, Greenland, Asia and Europe.

6: Spur-winged goose (142 km/h)

The large bird in the family Anatidae Spur-winged goose is alike with geese and the shelducks but have some distinctions by which it has been kept in separate subfamily named Plectropterinae. It exists in wetlands over the course of sub-Saharan Africa that stand the largest African waterfowl and largest wild goose in the world. One of fastest animal all around the globe because of speed of 142 km/h commonly inhabits in pools, around lakes, rivers, and river deltas.

5: Frigatebird (153 km/h)

Frigatebirds are family of seabirds that occurs across all tropical and subtropical oceans that have largely black plumage, deeply forked tails and stretched hooked bills. Despite of having largest wingspan-to-body-weight ratio of any bird Frigatebirds are one of the largest animals in the world which ran with speed up to 153 km/h that is absolutely exceptional. Frigatebirds have the most elaborate mating displays of all seabirds which exhibit marked sexual dimorphism as females are larger up to 25% heavier than males.

4: Eurasian hobby (160 km/h)

The small slim falcon Eurasian hobby is one of fastest animal on the earth because of its speed that is up to 160 km/h, it belongs to rather close-knit group of similar falcons’ subgenus Hypotriorchis. It is long-distance migrant that breeds across Africa, Europe and Asia, considered as bold and courageous bird that mostly trained to hunt small birds such as larks, quails, and hoopoes. The elegant bird of prey has long pointed wings and square tail which resembling like a swift when gliding with folded wings.

3: White-throated needletail swift (169 km/h)

The large swift White-throated needletail swift is the fastest-flying bird in flapping flight while it’s common speed is up to 170 km/h making it one of fastest animals in the world, although this speed isn’t verified yet. It breed in hills in central Asia and southern Siberia wintering south in Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Australia. White-throated needletail swift rarely settled on land and spend most of its breathing in the air.

2: Golden eagle (320 km/h)

Golden eagle is one of the best-known birds of prey in Northern Hemisphere and most widely dispersed species of eagle belongs to the family Accipitridae. The adult birds are mostly dark brown having lighter golden brown plumage on their napes considered as highly regarded birds used in falconry. Golden eagle is extensively studied specie on the planet in Western United States and the Western Palearctic. Having speed up to 320 km/h to capture its prey Golden eagle enrolled in the list of fastest animals in the world.

1: Peregrine falcon (389 km/h)

The peregrine falcon is known as duck hawk in North America and widespread bird of prey in the family Falconidae. Peregrine falcon is a large, crow-sized falcon having blue-grey back with barred white under parts and black head and moustache. The peregrine is renowned because of its speed, reaching over 322 km/h becoming the fastest member of the animal kingdom while highest measured speed of a peregrine falcon is 389 km/h. Peregrine falcon is the most widespread raptor and one of the most widely found bird species in the world.

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