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Top 10 Most Powerful and Strongest Militaries in the World

To create a list of Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World, worked hard and assessed more than 65 countries’ military forces but in this assessment, never considered their performances in special operations, while focused on statistical analysis that consists of active military personnel number, defense budget, number of aircraft, manpower, and nuclear capabilities. Those countries have great value of these aspects as we considered only these not other things because these demonstrate power of any country.

10. Brazil
Brazilian military includes the Brazilian Army Aviation, the Brazilian Navy, and the Marine Corps. It considers strongest all around the world as it has 53,350,703 male and 53,433,919 female soldiers, while when it comes to talk about the expenditures, so according to latest estimation, has US$31.5 billion defense Budget, gross domestic product of 1.4% (2013), active personnel 318,480 but doesn’t have nuclear capability. Therefore, the country ranked on tenth position in Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World.


9. Italy
The Italian Armed Forces unifies the Italian Army, Navy and the Air Force, has defense Budget of €20.670 billion, 41,867 reserve personnel, and 1.27% (2014) gross domestic product, 293,202 active military personnel. Nevertheless, Italian armed forces have proved the specialty while performing praiseworthy efficiencies in EU operations, United Nation, NATO, CIS nations, peacekeeping, Middle East peace, and others. It has strong identity worldwide, owns of more than 768 aircraft’s and naval strength of 179.


8. South Korea
Republic of Korea Armed Forces was formed in August 15, 1948, known as ROK armed forces and encompasses of Korean Air Force, Air Force, Marine Corps. Korean Armed Forces has played massive role in several peacekeeping operations in nation, has $28,280,000,000 defense Budget, 630,000 (2014) active personnel, 2,970,000 (2014) reserve personnel, and 2.38 % gross domestic product which helped to tag its name in our Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World and appearing strongest forces in whole world.


7. Germany
Well equipped, organized and trained German Army, was activated in 1955, has a strength of 60,857 soldiers and still part of the newly formed West German Bundeswehr in common with the Luftwaffe (Air Force), Marine (Navy) and has power index of 0.6547 as well $28,280,000,000 defense budget. German military appears physically powerful as consist of 653,000 active military personnel, has 871 Aircrafts and naval strength of 190. German strongest military remained successful to achieve seventh rank in Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World.


6. France
The French Armed Forces includes the French Army, Navy, Air Force, and the National Gendarmerie of France, 215,019 active soldiers (2014 estimation), and according to 2013 assessment, has gross domestic product of 2.2%. The French military has strongest indemnification worldwide as running on $58,244,000,000 defense budget, equipped with 544 aircrafts and other modern equipments. French army has naval strength of 180.


5. United Kingdom
When it comes to talk about the service branches, so it includes Royal Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and considers one of the powerful military forces all around the world, hence ranked on fifth position in our list Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World. The British Armed Forces has been playing massive role in international peacekeeping efforts as well operations, and providing humanitarian aid. British military has 156,940 active, and 75,110 reserve personnel as well has if we talk about its expenditures, the strongest running on £45 billion; FY (estimation).


4. India
The Indian Army is the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces, created on 1 April 1895, 1,129,900 active personnel, 960,000 reserve troops as well has 104 aircrafts and became nuclear power in 1998 while carrying out first successful nuclear tests in the response of Pakistani military who owned nuclear deterrence capability. Indian military also considers world’s one of the strongest militaries as running on $44,282,000,000 defense budget as well has 1,962 aircraft and owner of naval strength of 170.


3. China
If we talk about Chinese military budget in terms of calculation, government spending at 808.23 billion yuan ($131.57 billion), which is an raise from the past year of 12.2%. World’s one of the power militaries, 2,285,000 active military personnel. Chinese military is owner of 5,048 Aircraft and has naval strength of 972. If reports are to be believed China has Nuclear created more than 246 deadliest bombs and formed most useful battle equipments, hence tagged on third rank in our list of Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World.


2. Russia
The Russia military unifies with Russian Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy, Ground Forces, Strategic Missile Troops, Aerospace Defense Forces, airborne troops, and considers one of the strongest army in the world. Russian government is $64,000,000,000 defense budget, consists of 1,200,000 active military personnel as well has massive naval strength of 224. Russian military has been performing admirable acts while carrying out peacekeeping operation, and activities designed to prevent or thwart terrorism.


1. United States
United States Armed Force ruling on top ranking worldwide and contains the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Its number of male troops crossed 2,161,727 as well females 2,055,685 and government spending $554.2 billion + $88.5 billion, reason why US military has ownership of more than 15,293 aircrafts and naval strength of 290. American military has its positive identity just because of its successful overseas contingency operations as well as latest actions in Middle East’s Iraq and Syria where Islamic State has been battling against the government forces.



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