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Top 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Movies Ever

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides 2011

Cost of Productions: 397 million USD

Despite the most agreeable return at the box office the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides was not a cheap movie up till now. The Dead Man’s Chest directed by the Gore Verbinski and the At World’s End which cost US $ 263 million and US $ 341 million in 2006 and 2007 respectively are the most expensive movies of Hollywood. Now the On Stranger Tides hallway the most expensive long shot with the Jack Sparrow and quest of Barbossa to find the vague fountain of youth which costing almost US $ 400 million.
Regardless of the massive production cost of the movie the Johnny Deep payment was US $ 55 million and someone has to pay for accessorizing the movie at the top of the box office as it has the most extraordinary cash cow and for the first time we see the Johnny Deep displays with the beaded terror and the guy-liner.

2. Titanic (1997)

Cost of Production: $294 million USD

The cost of making the Titanic was somewhere around US $ 120 to US $ 150 million (in 1997 dollars). You might feel that the amount of money ripped off with anything which cost less than the “Ship of dreams”. You may also remember the scene of grand staircase where the water flowing and Rode and Jack to escape; it had only one shoot and there was no room for error because the furnishings and the sets are massively expensive to re-produce the scene again. There are some special effects and uninterrupted shot as we see the ship from bend to harsh with flags flying and smoke wind in the scene and the hundred of passenger’s hits and stroll and so on.
When the movie is finished up the cost of marketing campaign is part of its production cost which promoting the movie in the rich value which not like another movie at the box office. Regardless of its price tag of US $ 294 million, Roger Ebert describes the movie as the “value for the money” as the each cent is spent on movie’s production.

3. Spider Man 3 (2007)

Cost of Production: 293 million USD

In 2002 when the Spider Man was released it is almost the singlehandedly arrange for the boom of current superhero. They just start to throw wealth to the franchise and unfortunately making the flagship superhero expensive sequels is not simple. The production of movie is become delayed and it dragged to the late summer as earlier it was scheduled to finished in June which pushing up the movie cast dramatically.
The top expense of the movie is the massive cost of the CGI which are the web- Slinging set of pieces, salaries of stars and yes the promotion and marketing cost and campaign. The Spider Man 2 which cost US $ 250 million, unfortunately the Spider Man 3 reaches the maximum cost and it went over US $ 293 million.

4. Tangled (2010)

Cost of Production: 281 million USD

Tangled which is the animated movie is become so expensive as it takes long time to get the story right. It was the 50th animated movie of the Disney Animated series which featuring the voice of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore. The movie tells the story of the young princes with the long magical hair who become lost as she leave to her private tower. Before it release the movie title was changed to “Tangled”, previously the movie title was the “Rapunzel”.
The movie spent 10 years of productions and it went to the US $ 281 million and much of the budget included the redesigning of the previously attempted movie with the title of Rapunzel which was never produced. The extensive research was done which helps to create the animation process and allows the CGI qualities to evoke the conventional hand-drawn Disney characters.

5. Avengers, Age of Ultron (2015)

Cost of Production: 280 million USD

The last year superhero gathers the flick which included each face form Captain America to The Hulk, to Iron Man, Quicksilver, Black Widow and Falcon and becomes the 3rd highest grossing movie in the North America behind the Titanic and Avatar. Before the starts of the production the cast of the Age of Ultron has threatened to quit the movie if their contractual demands in terms of money are not met. To get back all the big names on the board of the Avengers sequel, the all were demanding the US $ 5 million and cut of the profits after the release.
On the top of other there are international locations and the drone cameras are used for capturing the scenes and the use of CGI to make the titular villain and all other nuances which Whedon wanted to capture. The overall cost of the movie went for US $ 280 million but no worry that as it brought US $ 1.3 billion at the world box office.

6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Cost of Production: 275 million USD

While it is not been really surprising that the entertainment company Warner Bros was truly willing to put up the millions of dollars as it was needed to bring the Harry Potter series on the big screen and in fact the this movie is the most expensive series of the Harry Potter. Although it was less favored by the fan and lot of critics arise as only money does not make the movie a better. There was also a rumor about the movie that the director David Yates tried some initial experiments with the movie before it was forced to scale from the back post production.
In 2009 the franchise stars has got the big name in the Hollywood and their salaries reflected all. The US $ 275 million for this series of the Harry Potter movie is still perhaps the best investment made by the Warner Bros as it proves US $ 302 million domestic earnings and the US $ 632 million internationally.

7. John Carter

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Cost of Production: 271 million USD

There is no other harsh word then the ridiculous to describe that the cost of John Carter which is silly. The cost of the movie left out the Disney pocket around US $ 200 million which making it the biggest flop of the company of all time. The former chairman of the Walt Disney Studio resign after a month of the movie was released because the personal cost of the movie is massive and Disney unfortunately lost the right to make the remaining of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc’s and refusing to produce any other sequels of the John Carter which is probably be the right idea for the Disney.
What more that increases the cost is the director Andrew Stanton starts the shooting as the eponymous lead with the Taylor Kitsch. Also thanks to the various problems that happens in the post production as the Stanton was force to shoot the movie twice at most of the occasions and the budget becomes out of control.

8. Waterworld (1995)

Cost of Production 271 million USD

Kevin Costner was stayed in the middle of the ocean, once which was a dry land before the ice capes melted and the earth become a distant memory such as the Hollywood blockbusters which cost less than US $ 200 million. The Costner starring movie of 1995 was the most expensive movie at that time which ever produced. He invest more than US $ 20 million out of his own pocket into the production of the movie to take place the shooting abroad at the gigantic 400 f diameter islet which specifically build and designed for the production which is somewhere off the coast of Hawaii.
The stunning 1000-ton hanging set and quarter of mile in the circumference which swallowed the lot of movie budget and required helicopter and seaplanes to capture the movie. There is no need to mention that fact that whoever was on the set but they failed to perform their duty and spectacularly failed in their job. The proof of their failure is that as they came up with the three massive storms that descend the entire set.

9. Avatar (2009)

Cost of Production 261 million USD

There is no doubt that studios are used in capturing the movie are well creative with all of their measure and accountancy, to limit the amount of tax which they have to pay to bigger is the cost and lower the tax bill. The cost of production of Avatar was not so different after running of his 12 years career as the director James Cameron who took a leap in the 3rd dimension and created the new digital world and hires the WETA for some special effects and using the 3D super-sleek which promote the medium of cinema at some high level.

There is no surprise that as the movie is become so expansive and costly. The every single frame of the movie is went into 19 hours of movie productions of which it was gigantic 24 per seconds as creating the cutting edge and usage of CGI which you never seen before. Not also forget the other fact to creating the new language and teaching to over hundred actors, well established scriptwriters, sign up the big names, introducing and producing the 3D technology glasses which raises the productions cost so high.

10. King Kong (2005)

Cost of Production: 250 million USD

Nothing to strange with the budget of the movie thanks to the Lord of the Rings the director Jackson takes the initially budge of US $ 150 million but it scale high as the production continues. Most of the movie’s production budget was spent on the Kong himself who is gradually and substantially longer then the universal size and anticipated with the extra length because of some special effects which covering the 25 feet animated gorilla which increases the budget.
The movie is usually a longer which was a cinematic risk and requiring the studio to gather the long waited audience to make it the hit movie as the longer movies receives only the fewer shows per day. For the King Kong to become at the breakeven point it was essential that the movie did well. When the movie was released in 2005, luckily it made US $ 550 million and becomes the 4th highest gross earning movie in the history of Universal Pictures.


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