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WWE SmackDown


WWE SmackDown, aka Thursday Night SmackDown, and widely recognized as SmackDown is a professional wrestling TV program that was first broadcasted on 26th August, 1999. Before 1st September, 2005, SmackDown was used to broadcast on Thursday nights; and from 9th September, 2005 to 9th January,, the show was broadcasted on Friday nights. It came to Thursday nights on 15th January 15,. SmackDown firstly debuted in US on the UPN TV network on 29th April, 1999, but subsequent to the merger of WB and UPN, SmackDown started broadcasting on The CW in 2006 September. It remained on CW for 2 years and then it moved to MyNetworkTV in 2008 October. On 1st October, 2010, it moved to Syfy and remained there till 31st December,. A week after, on 7th January,, it moved to USA Network, its sister channel. It complements WWE Raw as 2nd of 2 main weekly programs of WWE. From its 1st episode, WWE SmackDown has been telecasted from 162 diverse arenas, in 147 towns and cities, in 7 different nations. For international broadcast listings, see below. The show celebrated its 15th anniversary on October 10,.

Here we are enlisting some of the top most popular superstars of SmackDown so far.

1. “The Rock”

No one else can be expected on SmackDown’s number 1 expect Dwayne Johnson. Popular as “The Rock”, it was him whose popular catchphrases concluded to the name of this show and “SmackDown” became an official word in Dictionary of Webster. He appeared on the very 1st episode of SmackDown broadcasted on 26th Aug., 1999, and announced that SmackDown was his show. Around after 800 episodes, no other star is more identical with WWE’s blue brand than The Rock. From the WWE Championship Match played against Triple H, to his come-back in 2013, The Rock has captivated Friday and Thursday nights while testing uncountable competitors into SmackDown hotel.

2. The Undertaker

If WWE is supposed to be the home of The Undertaker’s, then it could be claimed that SmackDown is his personal house of fear. Because it was from the huge blue performance ground where The Demon of Death Valley conceded all 3 of his World Heavyweight Championship rules and thrown classic oppositions against everyone from Mark Henry and Randy Orton to Batista, Edge and CM Punk — fights that, in most of the cases, grown into critical slices of The Phenom’s WrestleMania Streak.

3. Batista

Since his 2002 debut in SmackDown, Batista utilized the blue brand as a background for his most distinguished competitions, involving heroic smashes against main event celebrities like JBL, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and others. The Animal has been a steady featuring force on Friday and Thursday nights, till when the ex-Evolution member sharply quit.

4. Edge

Edge made history as the pioneer star to claim Money in the Bank contract in 2006 and  his career speeded forward with no end in view. The Rated-R Superstar upstretched eyebrows with his in-ring mischiefs with Lita on Raw, claimed new elevations of enormity with heart-thrashing Ladder Match shows, and found a place on SmackDown. From his heroic fights with The Undertaker — and a passionately exciting on-again, off-again association with Vickie Guerrero — Edge ranked SmackDown a must-watch TV for the WWE Universe for many years. An injury led to his sudden retirement in 2011, but he endures to endure in WWE history after achieving his equitable place in in 2012 WWE Hall of Fame

5. Eddie Guerrero

Being ranked by some as WWE “B-show” carries one benefit: You can become as offensive as you wish to be. It was him who thrived the mantra of “lie, cheat and steal” on SmackDown. Whether Latino Heat was enchanting the Divas or spoiling the rivalry, Guerrero at all times left the WWE Universe blaring “Viva la Raza!” His pursuit to drive the show where it had never been earlier shaped uncountable SmackDown flashes from a Frog Splash off atop a steel cage to humid shower acts to US Championship Parking Lot Brawls.

After these top 5 most wanted champions on SmackDown, scroll down to further enjoy the heat of rivalry, fight and competition as we are sharing:

Top most popular SmackDown matches which will surely recall your memories.

1. 26, 2002: Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero
San Diego, CA, was the base for the conclusion of a nasty opposition amid 2 excellent Superstars: Eddie Guerrero and Edge. After losing to Guerrero at the unforgiving occasion some days before, Edge sought Guerrero again at the earliest possible opportunity, therefore a No Disqualification Match was arranged, where everything and anything was allowed. The match was a closely challenged session, particularly when chairs and ladders were brought together. Each opponent was hell-inclined on exploiting the extra in-ring hardware. From an astonishing sunset flip off the ladder performed by Guerrero, to the match-claiming “Edge-a-cution”, this battle certainly set the benchmark for matches of such sort on SmackDown.


2. 18, 2003: Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle
It was arguably among the greatest matches placed ever on a SmackDown. WWE Champion Kurt Angle accepted the challenge of newcomer Brock Lesnar in an Iron Man Match. The man scoring the most falls in 1 hour time would be the winner. The no love lost among both combatants was evident in the 1st decision when was disqualified for hitting Angle with a chair. Lesnar anyhow leveled the score at 1-1 by using his F-5.  As the match proceeded, the contender erected a commanding lead of 5-2. But Angle showed a roaring come-back, and lessened the gap to 5-4; changing the momentum of the match.

Within 4 minutes remaining, Lesnar attacked Angle with a lowblow. But the champion rapidly recuperated and used his ankle lock trying to win a fall and conclude the match to sudden death ultimately. But thing did not work as anticipated, as time had passed away, and a very lucky Brock Lesnar claimed the match, becoming the new WWE Champion.


3. June 14, 2013: The Shield vs. Randy Orton
It is quite difficult to imagine Randy Orton, Kane and Daniel Bryan coexisting, but the trio one way or another collaborated to give The Shield their 1st 6-Man Tag Team Match defeat in 2013. At the moment, The Hounds of Justice were irresistible, claiming the US Championship and the WWE Tag Team Titles by means of their military exactness and cruel disregard for their rivals. After taking over the match, The Shield was enforced on defensive as Kane set free on Dean Ambrose with a sizzling barrage. Bryan sustained the assault by throwing all 3 Shield members out of the ring and then tossing himself at his surprised rivals with wild abandon. After Orton shocked Rollins with aerial RKO and Kane took out Reigns, Bryan forced The Architect move out. You would be hard-pressed to fetch a more competitive and exciting 6-Man Tag Team Match.


These were the top 3 real fights, but let’s see the most drastic incidents that happened in SmackDown.

Droz’s Accident

During SmackDown taping of 5th October, 1999, Darren “Droz” Drozdov was fighting in a match against D’Lo Brown when Brown attempted to apply a running powerbomb. But Droz was dressed in a loose shirt and Brown failed get a complete grip on him, while Droz was incapable to jump appropriately to help in the movement. Consequently, Droz dropped on his head and 2 of his neck disks got fractured, causing him a quadriplegic. He anyhow recovered some movement in upper body. The match was taken off the SmackDown taping and was never seen again, however the WWE has utilized Droz footage of leaving the ring on stretcher in their public service announcements of “Don’t Try This at Home”. After the accident, Droz sustained to work for WWE and holds no ill-will towards Brown for what happened, but the disastrous moment is truly the worst in history of SmackDown.

Muhammad Hassan’s Bout on The Undertaker

Muhammad Hassan made his first appearance in 2004 as an Arab American trying to fight back contrary to racial stereotypes in post 9/11 world. Hassan started a dispute with The Undertaker In 2005, and on 4th July taping of Smackdown, Daivari, Hassan’s manager, was put in a fight against the Deadman. After the session, Hassan called many men in ski masks and attacked The Undertaker. He then choked him by using a piano wire before the masked people took Daivari away as a martyr.

The broadcast of the episode overlapped with London bombings and concluded to a stark reaction from the media. Hassan finally took the responsibility for the happening, which probably was not his idea, and was released, from the WWE.

At present, here are the results for recent SmackDown stories:

Chris Jericho’s ‘Highlight Reel’ with special guest Sami Zayn.


Sami Zayn defeats The Miz by Disqualification


The Vaudevillains defeat Bo Dallas and The Social Outcasts’ Curtis Axel


Charlotte & Emma vs. Becky Lynch & Natalya


Rusev defeats Zack Ryder


The Usos vs. Anderson and Gallows concludes in No Contest



Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Usos and Roman Reigns defeats Luke Gallows, AJ Styles & Kyle Anderson



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