Published On: Thu, Nov 20th,

Qatar Denies Allegations of Corruption on The World Cup 2022

The team presented the Qatar bid to host the soccer World Cup 2022 strongly rejected allegations that an informant said that bribes were offered to African football authorities for their support.

The group said the credibility of the evidence provided by Phaedra at Majid is in doubt and that all complaints were investigated and dismissed.

Previously, the Qatari informant told the BBC that lives in fear after making allegations of corruption against the delegation of Qatar.

In 2011, al-Majid Phaedra executives said the Qatari delegation had offered three African officials $ 1.5 million for their support.

Then she withdrew the charges but now says he recanted because she was forced to change his testimony.

Al Majid said to live in the “culture of paranoia, fear and threats” and that he has expressed his concerns to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, US