Published On: Sat, Dec 13th,

Imran to Lead Shutdown of Faisalabad on December 8


Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said that there will be complete shutter down in Faisalabad, he himself lead the shutdown on December 8.

PTI leader Imran Khan addressed to sit-in participants in Islamabad the he will lead the shutdown of Faisalabad on December, 8, to follow his plan C. I will lead the shutdown of Industrial hub of the country, he said.

Imran said that transporters of city has agreed to not bring any transport on the roads and district bar of Faisalabad assured their support on December 8 as they will also shut the bar on Tuesday, however, traders are little afraid from PML(n) to shut the business.

The captain of PTI clearly stated that the party will not force any person to shut the business, the people who want to show support to government are allowed to open the shops and do business on that days, Imran also apologized to residents of Faisalabad for inconvenience on December 8.

He warned the government that if they will not start investigating elections then a huge loss would be faced by PML (n), if government is on right place and election were not rigged then why they don’t conduct a transparent investigation, Imran added.