Published On: Thu, Feb 26th,

7 Bomb Blasts Kill 37 People in Iraq, Dozens wounded

Seven bomb blasts targeted capital city Baghdad and around regions and shot dead more than 36 people and dozens were wounded.

The two attacks took place in Jisr Diyala’s suburb, south-eastern and shot dead about 25, a suicide bomber emerged in a tea shop while wearing an explosive vest and blew up himself and after some minutes of this blast a car blast appeared outside.

Not any militant organization took the responsibility for these attacks but the blasts which had done days ago, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant had taken the responsibility for them.

Though, everyone know that the fighters of Sunni terror group Islamic States targeting Shiite majority as well as military of Iraq and the so many attacks had done by the Iraq-Syria militant organization.

ISIS had taken control of some towns and cities in Iraq and also trying to capture more but the US-led pushing them back with the help of their strikes.

The sinless citizens of Iraq facing daily violence in the nation and so much disturbed as dual bombings happened in the Jisr Diyala suburb which seen by over seven eyes killing people.

However, other blasts occurred in southern- northern regions of capital city Baghdad.

The US-led helping the security forces of Iraq while training them and vowed to conduct the series of offensive soon to remove the hold of militants in Iraq cities where they had seized towns and cities.

On the other hand, the officials of United States showing great anger over the nearly 150 Christians’ kidnapping in Syria, the Iraq-Syria militant organization had kidnapped them from Hasakeh province in northeast Syria.