Published On: Tue, Nov 4th,

Suicide Attack and Shelling Kills 16 in Northern Baghdad


Baghdad: Suicide bombing and shelling killed 16 people in the northern region of Baghdad on Tuesday, target Shiite Muslims.

Foreign media reported that a suicide bomber blew up after shelling in Tunis region of northern Baghdad, targeting Shiite Muslims who were distributing refreshments in a tent set up for Ashura, killed 11 while dozens of them were wounded.

Police official stated that shelling at another site, left at least 5 dead in most sensitive Shiite-majority Kadhimiyah area in north of Baghdad.

The Islamic State group has claimed the responsibility of both attacks, target Shiite Muslims, stated that suicide bombing was carried out by a Sunni militants and also took the responsibility of car bombing on Sunday which killed at least 18 Shiite Muslims.

Hundreds of Thousands people participate in the procession, was heading to the Karbala for Ashura in the commemoration of Hazrat Hussian (R.A), who sacrificed her life for the Islam.

Processions were also held in other regions of Iraq in which many of Shiite Muslims have taken part, despite of threat of Islamic State.

Shiite Muslims have been targeted every year by ISIS at religious event of Ashura but there was higher threat as Islamic state has seized many regions of Iraq.