Published On: Sun, Jan 11th,

A suicide attack claimed by Al-Nusra Front killed 9 in Tripoli

A suicide attack Saturday against coffee Tripoli in northern Lebanon, killing at least nine dead and thirty wounded. The attack was claimed by the Al-Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, on his Twitter account.

Two suicide bombings killed nine people and wounded 37 others Saturday, January 10 in the majority Alawite neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli, raising fears of a new outbreak of violence in the great city in northern Lebanon , the neighboring Syria .

The attack was claimed by the Islamist Al-Nusra Front , the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, on his Twitter account. This attack sparked outrage among politicians, who expressed his solidarity with the people of the targeted area and called for “national unity.

According to the army, which was expressed in a statement, around 7:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m. GMT), a suicide bomber attacked a café in Jabal Mohsen, causing several deaths and injuries among civilians. A source of security services said the attack took place in the Al-Ashkar coffee. Then a second suicide bomber arrived and is detonated, the source said.

Following the attack, a curfew was imposed until 7:00 Sunday morning (0500 GMT) in the neighborhood and the army cordoned off the area around the attacked coffee.

A source of security services said that the bomber would be a young Mankoubine the predominantly Sunni neighborhood and that the army had invested his home and arrested his father.

Tripoli was between May 2007 and spring regular theater and deadly clashes between Sunni neighborhood of Bab el-Tebbaneh and Alawite Jabal Mohsen, which intensified the conflict in neighboring Syria, Sunnis supporting the Syrian rebellion supporters of the Alawite regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Since October, the Lebanese army deployed in strength in Tripoli, the second largest city, arresting hundreds of people to try to restore calm.

Saturday’s attacks have raised fears a new outbreak of violence in the city, Prime Minister Tammam Salam denouncing a crime that will not start the willingness of the state to deal with terrorism and terrorists. Shiite Hezbollah ally of Assad regime, he accused the Sunni extremists of terrorism.

Lebanon, which was under Syrian tutelage for thirty years, is deeply divided between Shia and Alawite Assad supporters of Hezbollah and Sunnis who lean toward the opposition.