Published On: Wed, Feb 11th,

Former Governor Of Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar Joins PTI

Islamabad: Former Governor of Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar today officially joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. Today former governor of Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar officially joined Pakistan Tehreek –e-Insaaf (PTI).

Chaudhry Sarwar said that he resigned from the post of the governor as he could not do anything for the betterment of his people while being governor. He further claimed that it was youth who insisted him to join PTI, on his trip to London.

Chaudhry further exclaimed that PTI is considered as the party of just and fair people and the only party of the country in which people of the country have faith.

Chaudhry further stated that Imran Khan’s opponents have brought various allegations against him in the past, but Imran Khan has never been accused of corruption, he further said, “Imran Khan is my leader and I agree with him over all the issues, and I believe PTI is the only party that can stand against status-quo and completely eradicate status quo from the country”.

Senior party members and workers of PTI warmly welcomed Chaudhry Sarwar in to the party. The PTI chairman called on Sarwar to put his efforts into the organisational structure of the party and help into an institution.

Chaudhyry Sarwar is a well known politician in UK and was close friend of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Chaudhry Sarwar has great support of Pakistani community living abroad and is a self made man who had risen because of his hard work.

It is being predicted that Chaudhry Sarwar will turn out to be a great asset to PTI and has caused great loss to PML(N). Chaudhry Sarwr resigned from his post as governor of Punjab on 29th January’2015 claiming that if being a governor he could not help his people then it’s better that he resigns from such position.