Published On: Mon, Nov 10th,

Microsoft Introduced First Lumia on November 11

On Tuesday, November 11,, Microsoft will introduce its first Lumia phone under its own brand, without the Nokia logo. It could be the RM-1090, including alleged photos were leaked on the Chinese social network Weibo before being relayed by various specialized media.

According to rumors, this RM-1090 low-end may arise as the successor of the Nokia Lumia 530, appeared in the summer of. This dual-SIM phone would have a 5-inch display (540 x 60 pixels), but would 4G not compatible. As all future Microsoft Lumia, it will run on Windows Phone.

Direct result of the redemption of its phone division finalized in 2013, Nokia phones will now be renamed Microsoft Lumia, the name of the entire range running Windows Phone available since 2011.

A page is turning, the original Finnish manufacturer has been a pioneer in mobile telephony, with a multitude of emerged in the 80s (Mobira series) models. Nokia also and above all was the largest seller of mobile phones in the world for fifteen years before handing the leadership position to Samsung in 2012.

During this period, Nokia has released many iconic models of their era (3310, 8110, etc.) before being overtaken by the wave of phones led by Apple and Samsung.

Nevertheless, the Nokia brand will not disappear completely since still has a specialized networks (Nokia Networks) branch.