Published On: Mon, Jan 26th,

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date, Price, Features and News


Microsoft is going to launch more reliable windows 10 for their users soon with reduction of mistakes and addition of some extraordinary features.

According to latest tech news the new version of windows 10 has been launched very soon by the giant Microsoft and it would be free of cost for windows XP, Windows, 7 and Windows 8 users for one year while some of amazing features added to it and mistakes in predecessor have been eliminated.

Here is another news is that windows 10 is compatible for all of devices programmed by windows either these are portable computers or smart phones, same version of windows 10 will be installed in all of devices which also an incredible renewal, however, windows 8 interface was also common for cell phones and computer but its apps were not same while the next generation will provide all.

With the lighter browser of project Spartan it gives modern look and digital tools to its users integrated in windows 10, introduced by Microsoft for the availability of advanced features to its customers.

Better gaming is absolutely another stunning and extraordinary upgrade develop by Microsoft that provide enhanced gaming to its users with better and sharp interface same as the windows phone have been integrated.

The main focus of Microsoft for launching the windows 10 is to grasp all of users of windows 7 and windows 8 because the predecessor has some deficiencies and not liked by several users due to its complexities remained with windows 7, the next will be said to the combination of both windows 7 and 8 so it covers all of aspect needed and likely to be liked by every user.

The Start Menu, windowed metro apps, vast continuum, action-centre notification, x-box apps availability, solicited setting and virtual desktops are some of coolest feature added to windows 10 to make it user friendly and to gain like of users.