Published On: Fri, May 15th,

Windows 10 Release Date, Features, Upgrades and Price


Microsoft confirmed the release of Windows 10 in summer, exact date is not confirmed yet but ready to upgrade your window before August.

Windows 10 is coming sooner than expected heading to latest version of windows from start of July or last week of June, Microsoft has announced the summer launch for windows 10 and unconfirmed sources cited that latest OS will be unveiled on June 23.

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon has revealed that ‘Right now we are launching Windows 10 and as it will be the last version of Windows; we are the entire still working on Windows 10 to make it just incredible.

Microsoft Windows 10 is one of perfect operating system coming soon for use, the only OS that run all of windows operated device either personal computers, smart phones or laptops, same version of will be installed in all of devices which also an incredible renewal with same interface and apps.

The blend of windows 7 & windows 8 will definitely pleased its users who are unhappy with last version that has no start menu; better gaming experience is truly stunning upgrades that provide better gaming to users with better and sharp interface following the numerous universal apps available on Xbox.

Windows 10 is coming out with Xbox universal app forum which allow both iOS and Android developer to put their apps without rebuilding them especially for window while it include Cortana and a new web-browser known as Spartan instead of Internet Explorer.

Now come to price of Windows 10 and it is really unbelievable that Microsoft offering it free available to all Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users and can be upgraded with time for the period of one year without any charge.

Microsoft is going ahead without Windows 9 moving to next generation to launch windows 10 to grasp all of users of windows 7 and windows 8 because the of some deficiencies and features that were not liked by numerous users due to its complexities.