Published On: Thu, Apr 30th,

Microsoft Windows 10 Supports Both IOS And Android Apps


Microsoft has unveiled the awaiting news that Windows 10 is fully supported to all iOS and Android apps as developers can port apps with rebuilt to Windows universal apps.

The most awaiting update for app developers has been finally revealed that Microsoft allows all of iOS and Android apps directly port to Windows universal apps using two new developer tools of Microsoft windows 10 enable them to run apps on latest windows operating system with rebuilding.

The developers of iOS and Android apps are now able to bring their existing coded apps to Windows 10 as Windows universal apps enable developers to use Java and C++ code on latest developed operating system and can be extended without any complicated procedure.

Microsoft built operating system Windows 10 came up with new Microsoft API that has been replaced with Google API, which is needed by iOS and Android apps to run on any system.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems Terry Myerson has stated in an interview that they want to enhance the app work and allowed its developers to transform traditional websites and apps to run on Windows universal apps as it is very simple and easy for developer to add apps to application store with rebuilding as previous operating systems requires.

Windows 10 has been gaining popularity since its launch following its exclusive and advanced features to capture all type of users at single station by providing them a universal platform.

Enhanced gaming experience, project Spartan browser, customized launch which is basically blend of windows 7 and 8, action-centre notification, solicited setting, virtual desktops, universal app container and many of cool specifications made it most preferred and only operating system in the world that also support all windows run device without any modification.