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What to Post on Instagram

Here in this article we are enlisting some brilliant inspirational ideas for posting photos, videos and other content on Instagram.

1. Behind-the-scenes.

If you wish to humanize your brand, Instagram is a perfect platform to give your viewers a sneak peek on the things going behind the scenes. It is a good idea to show your followers how it is like to work with your company, which is truly great for your hiring struggles.
In this picture posted by Boston Red Sox, you can see how the displayed a close-up of batting practice session
And this picture depicts a small brewery in Somerville, Aeronaut Brewing. They revealed the faces working behind the success of brand, providing followers a chance to enjoy a sneak peak of the inside.

2. Reposts from followers and fans

Another best option is to post photos curated from your brand’s followers and fans.
Watch out the posts in which you have been tagged by, and if you like those posts, think about reposting them. It not just makes the original poster feel great; it also demonstrates that you pay attention to your followers and supporters. Don’t ignore the quality of the photo you are going to repost, and remember to mention the poster in caption.
Here we are showing you a perfect example of reposting a fan’s page. The brand also offers a hashtag to get featured in its posts. Pretty innovative!
Here you can see two cute reposts by Cisco Brewers. You can see how innovatively they have worked on writing the caption; they firstly quoted the original caption, made a camera emoji and the username of original poster. Finally, they finished by their own hashtag.
Reposting on Instagram can be done by using a reposting application like Repost for Instagram or you can simply take a screenshot and crop the picture.

3. Relevant quotes

Many users love to poke fun by using a number of quotes. But posting them sparingly, you can encourage numerous engagements. If your post talks to your fans, people tend to love them and share them with their friends. Quotes can also be used as a medium to show the things your brand cares for, they can be spiritual, funny, inspiring, or another thing.
There are several apps available to create a photo with overlaid text.
Here is how some brand did great with quotes. The key to the success of such posts is that they should be hilarious for target audience.
This post shows a quote from the founder of Lorna Jane, an activewear brand.

4. Cool statistics

You can try some other ways to overlay text on a picture by posting a statistic that echoes with your followers. You can use your own research or some other’s research findings, but try to keep them as relevant as they can be. You can consider following pictures as examples for your Instagram profile.
Quarter For Your Crisis is a corporation that works with the mission of helping millennials connect up with their world, their faith and themselves.
Headspace, a meditation app, shows a simple picture displaying text box put over an ordinary, colored background.

5. Timely posts

One of the best things is to post something that is relevant to a ceremony, festival, celebration or anything important happening around. It can be a certain holiday, father’s or mother’s day etc. Remember to post something delightgul and avoid making offensive or inaccurate posts.
We are showing some good examples of timely and delightful Instagram posts. In this picture, a Mediterranean restaurant celebrated baseball Opening Day.
In this image, Starbucks makes a delightful fun about National Croissant Day.

6. Funny posts

If your posts can make your audience laugh, they are surely going to love and enjoy them. They may also choose to share it with their friends and followers resulting increased traffic on your post. After all, most of the things we tend to remember are the ones that made us laugh. We suggest posting funny things on Fridays as people tend to be comparatively happier on Friday than any other weekday.
Oreo posted a good image to make their audience laugh at. It was a fake conversation with “Milk.”
Buzz Feed Parents posted a simple and funny example.

7. Cool illustrations

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If you have a real innovative artist in your team, you are definitely going to attract as much audience as you can, and we are going to tell you how! In a mess of enormous number of images, you can stand out by posting a really compelling and cool illustration. There is no need to make them super fancy; try to keep them simple and even black-and-white, as shown by Oreo:
Pabst Blue Ribbon really did a complex art to illustrate:

8. Content promotion

In order to follow an effective marketing strategy on Instagram, you need to post beautiful images telling a story and attracting people. A research says that colored visuals enhance willingness of people to read content by 80%. So at the time of creating compelling content for example a blog post, a report or a recipe, use visual platforms like Instagram to promote the stuff.
See the post from Staples, who are promoting free, printable holiday-themed gift tags and planners:
Nature’s Path Organic, showing off a recipe’s finished product and providing the link in bio:

9. Product promotion

However, you cannot post product-centric posts on Instagram all the day long and on a daily basis, but still it doesn’t that you cannot post it once in a while. You can go for an 80/20; 80% valuable and helpful to your audience and 20% self-promotional.
See this example from ASOS.
Frank Body uses an image to show a little humor to temper followers’ interest in its product without doing an over promotion of the product.

10. Compelling videos

The increasing trend of videos has compelled Instagram to increase the video recording time to 60 seconds. So, posting videos is really helpful for attracting audience’s interest as done in the following video from Purina.