Published On: Thu, May 12th,

Instagram’s New Logo Receives Negative Feedback

This Wednesday, Instagram revealed a new logo, and it may well collapse as year’s one of the major design fails.

The popular skeuomorphic icon of the brand, which was a virtual depiction of a physical camera, was admired almost all across the world, and is among the most promptly identifiable logos in field of technology. For some reason, Instagram started feeling that their logo was outdated. It was “beginning to feel, well… not reflective of the community, and we thought we could make it better”. Head of design at Instagram, Ian Spalter, stated these facts in a Medium post. You can judge the facts concealed behind the ellipsis in above statement. It appears to specify a mix-up of purpose. If just the ellipsis had transformed into an actual pause—and they’d postponed this hunch to dike the main symbol of the personality of Instagram.

As frequently happens with redesigns of logo, Instagram undergoes an enormous detail regarding the innovative decisions that were taken for this logo. The brand states it began with attempting to “modernize” the original logo. That created a “flatter, brighter option” which was not working. Therefore, they started a struggle to work the camera lens and rainbow into an altered mark completely—expecting to create a more contemporary app logo which strikes a steadiness between versatility and recognition.

According to the brand, the question was, how far could they go? If they abstracted too much, the glyph did not feel attached to the soul and history of Instagram. If they made it way too literal, it was difficult to justify alterations from what they were having previously. After adequate modification, they ended up with a glyph that yet suggested a camera, meanwhile setting the foundation for upcoming years. Ultimately, they redrafted the camera glyph into a nearly complete abstract image, and grabbed the rainbow and utilized it as the foundation for a flamboyant gradient background.

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Unluckily, while it may solidify better in some surroundings, it is a most forgettable logo that will flee away from people’s phones among the vast number of other equally featureless designs of majority of technology apps. It is a bit inexplicable how this logo has been considered a development—to be sure, why they thought they needed to “modernize” this at all.

  • tomsawyer

    I still have the original logo how much is my phone worth now?

    • saraboulos

      zero penny :p