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Billionaire Icahn Withdraws from Apple

Billionaire Carl Icahn, who announced his shareholding in Apple Inc. around 3 years before, has sold out his stake due to worries about the company’s association with China, said the activist this Thursday. “We no longer have a position in Apple,” said Icahn. He told that he sold majority of his left over holding in February. He said that he went out as he was concerned about China.

Icahn foresaw a threat in relationship of Apple with China and it made his investment a “no-brainer” which previously was a profitable investment. Recently, China shut down iBooks services and iTunes Movies of Apple, displaying that the company is not resistant to the reach of regulators of Beijing.

“You worry a little bit, and maybe more than a little, about China’s attitude,” said Icahn. He said Apple maintains good relationships with China, delivering huge employment there, but in response, it also depends upon the country for generation of lots of sales.

Apple shares went down by 2.7% to $95.18 in New York as of 3:10 p.m. It made its market value of $521 billion. They further went down by 7% present year through Wednesday.

In the 4th quarter, Carl Icahn traded 7 million Apple shares, and he was only left with 45.8 million shares which value around $4.8 billion, according to a regulatory filing in February. He shrined his ownership right before the share of company began to go down present year on alarms that smartphone market is developing saturated and China will not aid sales growth any further.

He said that they had that huge yield so by definition that was not the no-brainer that had to be– but two — if China had been fundamentally steady he would possibly go back to the company, which he had retold he watched as a marvelous company having  superb management. He hoped to get back to it one day.

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Later to the August 2013 announcement of his stake in Apple, Icahn influenced CEO Tim Cook to payback major portion of company’s swelling cash pile to financers. The iPhone producer increased its share buybacks and dividends, adding to feed a 38% share rally in. However, Apple’s share underwent a 4.6% decline in.

On Wednesday, Apple disclosed revenues for 3 months ended 26th March slide down by 13% to $50.6 billion, finishing a flash of 51 successive quarters of continuous growth.

  • tomsawyer

    This guy with all the good intentions for companies he invests in… is still the king of pump and dump. He is trying not to let a possible crisis go to waste and selling fear so he can make more money.