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1. New strain of seaweed that tastes like cooked bacon

This was the most shared topic on Businessinsider in.
The seaweed is a type of red marine algae that seems like glowing red lettuce. It possesses double nutritional value of kale and nurtures really quickly. The good thing is that it tastes like bacon.
According to Chris Langdon, a researcher at Oregon State, along with his team began growing the new in order to find out a good alternate source of food for eatable sea snails, or abalone, a widely recognized food in most part of the Asia. The strain is a novel kind of red algae that usually cultivates along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.
But Langdon found that his hands were on something having much more potential when Chuck Toombs, his colleague came to his office and had a sight of growing seaweed. Toombs was of the view the bacon-seaweed carried “the potential for a new industry for Oregon,” he stated Oregon State in a press release.

Later, he started working with the Food Innovation Center of university, which produced a variety of foods having the seaweed as its key ingredient. Langdon told that there were no American companies growing red algae to be eaten by people; however the seaweed were being eaten by North European people for centuries. Langdon told that the stuff was quite amazing. When these seaweeds are fired, they taste like bacon. “It’s a pretty strong bacon flavor.”
Although the analysis on commercializing the bacon-seaweed is not being done yet and the company does not know whether it would be a practical project or not, but the team is of the view that the vegetarian and vegan markets may be interested in buying their product. Toombs’ graduates of MBA are working hard on building a marketing plan for this new range of specialty foods.

There are some red algae sold in the United States presently, but that product is not like the one produced by OSU. Langdon claims that he is growing around 20 – 30 pounds of the product per week and intends to triple the production.

2. 4 happiness rituals by a neuroscience

Everyone wants to live happily. Following below, the topic elaborates 4 rituals by Alex Korb, a neuroscientist, which can help you stay happy. All you need is to follow the instructions:
a. What am I thankful for?

It is important to be grateful as it influences your brain’s biological level. Sometimes there are hard times when you are completely in dumps, life gives you a hard punch and you are not able to find out the things you should be grateful. Don’t worry; all you need is to keep searching.

b. Name negative feelings

The 2nd ritual is to name the awfulness that you fell; Anxious, Angry, or Sad! A research study revealed that when emotions are given some labels, it decreases their effect. Therefore, in spite of suppressing your emotions, you need to give them labels. The individuals who try to override their negative emotions normally fail in doing so. They appear very cool from outside, but their inner limbic system does not take any advantage of that suppression, rather their emotions tend to get more aroused. Not sensing anything or attempting to do so does not come handy. On the contrary, when you give them name, it truly makes a difference. Labeling is a very advantageous tool of mindfulness which is also used by FBI in hostage situations. But, under certain emotional state, you don’t feel angry, anxious or sad; rather you are simply under boredom. In this case, all you need to do is to do the things that relish.

c. Make that decision

It has been found by brain researchers that when you reach a specific decision, it decreases worry and anxiety and helps resolving your difficulties. Making decisions helps set goals and create intentions; decreasing your levels of worry and anxiety. It pulls the negative impulses and routines down. Making decisions, helps watch the world from a unique perspective, attempting to fetch solutions for your difficulties.

As decision making is not easy. Therefore what type of decisions should one made? Neuroscientists suggest that one should make “good enough” decisions. Don’t try to be perfectionist as it results in stress, so irrespective of a purely 100% best decision, go for a good enough one. Perfection tends to override your brain and your emotions get out of your control.

While a good enough decision helps you keep control over your mind and your stress goes down due to this feel of control. Moreover, when a positive result gets out your decision, it gives you immense pleasure. Decision making also make you more willing in attaining your targets. When you unwillingly drag yourself towards a thing, it does nothing except increasing stress. So making decisions is highly recommendable.

d. Touch people

Well, this point does not mean that you start touching people physically; we rather mean to feel affection and love for others. It is painful when we don’t feel it.
But if we move our research a step further, touching people physically also decreases stress and bring you please. Your relationships are really important for the sense of happiness of your brain. Touching increases the release of oxytocin. For individuals with whom you hold a casual relation, small touches like handshakes and pats on shoulder are pretty good. But with the individuals with whom you share a closer relation; try touching more often. This is the thing which is not accredited but truly brings powerful impacts. It improves performance of a team, makes one more substantial and of course, improves your chances of flirting. Research reveals that married couples adore more influential impacts if their relationship is pretty strong.

You can relax your brain and yourself in hard scenarios by simply holding hands of someone beloved. Under a research study, some women participants were given small level of electric shock. Their brain activity was scanned when they were given shock and of course it showed some expected responses in distress and pain. When those women were permitted to hold hand of someone nearby like their husband or experimenter, the scan results displayed smaller effects. Their brain experienced reduced pain and distress. Similarly, long hugs increases level of happiness.

3. The Tesla Battery

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While solar and wind power have achieved pretty much strides in present years, with renewables presently comprising 22pc of electric energy produced, the subject that has detained them back has been their briefness. The wind does not blow all the year around and the sun does not shine during night hours. These are the chants of all those people who oppose the development of renewables.

Currently, Elon Musk, the renewable-power tycoon has simply taken his final step. Last Thursday he familiarized the world whit his shiny new Powerwall in California. This Powerwall is an energy-storage mounted-on-wall product that is able to hold the electric energy for almost 10kw hours, and distribute it at 2 kilowatts average, for just $3,500.
It simply mean that the electricity price (including the inverters and installation costs) becomes almost US$500 per kWh — which is even less than half present cost, as assessed by Deutsche Bank. If we further elaborate the facts and figures, it means that a household user will pay $0.06 per kWh for energy delivered, depicting that a local system including storage would yet come out in advance of coal-fired energy transported through the orthodox grid.

Moreover, Musk intends to make the batteries in the United States, at the “gigafactory” which is being constructed just across the boundary from California in Nevada. The man behind the whole idea is not going for some entirely new technology; rather he is ascending up the tried-and-tested lithium-ion battery that has already been used in his electric means of transportation.

4. Sound Smarter and Eliminate these Words from your Vocabulary

If you want to be heard out, remember not to use these words in your vocabulary any further”
i. That
This word is extra at majority of the occasions. You can simply do an experiment by opening any document in your pc and identify a sentence including that in it. Read it loud. Now give it another try and see whether it works without that? If it does, delete that.
ii. Went
I went to store. Or a conference, or to church, or to the school, to LA, wherever you intend to go. In place of went, try using flew, walked, skated, ran or drove. You can transpose through a number of ways, so you need to pick one.
iii. Honestly
This word is used to add stress. The issue is, the time you express your reader some precise statement is honest; you simply say the rest were not.
iv. Absolutely
It is redundant to add this term to majority of your sentences. If there is something necessary, it is necessary. Absolutely necessary is not going to make it more necessary.
v. Very
If you are using a perfect adjective, you don’t need to compliment it with qualifiers. If a qualifier is needed, replace the word. Very is used in order to enlarge a verb, an adverb or adjective. The issue is, it makes your phrase look less specific. Here follow these tips: If you are very happy, Be ecstatic. If you are very sad



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