Published On: Sun, Jun 21st,

Apple Is Heading to Release iPhone 7, Coming out with More Upgrades & Exclusive Features

Apple is going for the next device that is still rumored that it would be iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, the giant is reportedly coming out with stunning and remarkable upgrades to delight its fans and users.

Rumors are continuously circulating on internet about the next device from house of Apple and it is still not confirmed that which would be next device either it is iPhone 6s and recall the tradition of iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 series or move to next generation and heading to launch of iPhone 7.

According to rumors about next launch from Apple it is expected that California based firm introduces Force Touch display in upcoming device while it would be quite wider and taller than its earlier model following some enhancement to feature Force Touch display changes to it.

It has been speculated that Apple will use super strong Series 7000 aluminum alloy for the next device which might be iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.

the 60 percent stronger than iPhone 6 following complaints received from users that earlier device bend even very little pressure while is has also reported that Apple has higher production of metal bodies because of bending issue complaints responding.

A report cited that Apple is heading to release the next device in September along with the latest operating system iOS 9 having frequent upgrades and exclusive features in it, the coming device will also powered with latest iOS 9.

It is expected that coming model is house to 12MP camera while it is slightly larger than its predecessor and its speculated cost fall between $649 and $849.

Apple will introduce new color Rose Gold similar to Apple Watch Edition 18 K Rose Gold model.


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