Published On: Sat, Jul 11th,

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs iPhone 6S the Flagship Models, Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Apple’s iPhone 6S are going to be launched at end of this year becoming the most awaited smart phones, fans are curious about coming flagships from worst competitors.

The Korean giant Samsung and California based Apple proved perfect smart phone rivals in past by making exclusive collection of smart phones with their exclusive specifications and key features that undoubtedly grab the attention of users and delight them in quite well manner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Apple’s iPhone 6S will be launched at the end of this year having very little gap in their release dates, here users have to decide about their next device that by which model they have to update their smart phone.

According to report Samsung Note 5 will be similar in design with earlier device from the Korean giant such as Samsung’s Galaxy S series while a leaked photo of Samsung Note 5 indicates design adopted by Samsung for the coming device which is expected to be released at the IFA in Berlin in September.

The report revealed that latest Note edition has similar design to Galaxy S6 Edge having rounded instead of sloping curve display while removable back save for the microSIM card slot is not expected in coming device of Samsung with ditched removable battery design.

Apple also heading to launch its coming flagship iPhone 6S following massive online roundup rumors about coming device that either Apple will go with tradition and to step up with new device, Apple is launching the coming model in September.

iPhone 6S is reportedly not have technical updates but only additions of few features contrary to its earlier model iPhone 6 that has been released earlier in this year, a Toshiba Flash Memory chip is possibly introduced in coming device that support 16GB of capacity.

A report suggested that Apple has reduced installations space of iPhone 6S to promote use of Apple’s iCloud and Apple Music apps while it will be offered in speculated price around iPhone 6S expected to $649 to $659 while Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 price isn’t cited by any source yet.