Published On: Sat, Nov 1st,

US President Decided To Remove Interior and Defense Minister

New York: American President Barack Obama decided to remove many key ministers including secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and secretary of state John Kerry.

According to American Print media Secretary of State John Kerry has very critical approach towards domestic issues while Chuck Hagel was somewhat heedless in domestic politics; they are close to Army Chief instead of US president.

The Ministers and US president have always conflicts on international concerns due that Obama decided to reshuffles his cabinet just after midterm polls in which several ministers would be removed.

Newspapers reported that President Obama decided to change his cabinet at the behest of the Democratic Party because with the presence of these ministers in the cabinet Party has fear of losing its majority in House.

Democratic Party leaders expressed reservation on several important matters like Ukraine concern, US led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, carelessness to avert Ebola and few others issues, because of these Barack Obama and its cabinet facing lot of criticism continuously.

According to US member Secretary of State John Kerry has been proved very rigid and inflexible on various international concerns and some time it feels that he may surpass the national policy; on the other hand Chuck Hagel also didn’t take interest in domestic politics, considering these reasons American President decided to remove them and reshuffle his cabinet.