Published On: Tue, Feb 17th,

Fifty Shades Of Grey Breaks All Records On Its Debut 8.17 million

The movie is based on famous novel of EL James “Fifty shades of Grey”, it got released on the eve of 13th February and was most watched movie for Valentine’s day.

According to sources the movie broke all records on its debut by generating revenue of 8.17 million dollars.

Fifty shades of Grey is based on steamy erotic sexual novel written by EL James which received great acclamation by women gender and was read mostly by females.

This R rated sizzling drama movie was released on the eve of 13 February for the Valentine’s Day and became the most watched movie, it was aired in 3,646 theatres and earned more than 8.167 million US Dollars in its first three days.

It has broken all the records of Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day weekend. In addition to this, the movie has become the second highest February debut ever, just behind Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ which gave opening of 83.9 million dollars in 2004.

The movie has Dakota Johnson playing the character of shy, innocent, vulnerable Anastasia Steele and on the other the Character of bold, handsome, sexy and intimidating Christian Grey has been played by Jamie Dornan. It is being predicted that the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” would cross $90 million over a four day long weekend.

According to different reports the first day show was mostly seen by female gender or couples that came to theatre for special valentine date.

The movie is about an innocent journalist who falls in the trap of sexy billionaire who uses for his sexual pleasures.

Though movie is an R rated movie with sexually erotic scenes which are not to be seen by under ages. Despite this all the movie has received great acclamation especially from female genders and is being watched around the world.