Published On: Tue, Jan 6th,

Israelis Renouncing Citizenship Rose Up To 65 Percent In


Tel Aviv: Israeli nationals renouncing their citizenship over job security and better future rose up to 65 percent in comprised to earlier.

A report published by Israel news agency suggests that number of Israelis renouncing their citizenship rose up to 65 percent in comprised to renouncing in earlier year, estimated by figures received from government institutions including Administration of Border Crossings, Population, and Immigration and Israeli embassies abroad.

The report revealed that 765, 726 approved, Israeli citizens documented to renounce their citizenship, contrary to 2013 in which 645, 635 permitted, requested to change citizenship, while citing the reasons of renouncing report stated that job security, living safety, dual citizenship and better future are extreme factors forcing people to renounce.

More and more people submitted for renouncing, as per report most of requests received from Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Austria.

According to figures cited in report revealed that major factor of renouncing is people want to set them in abroad, to hold the foreign citizenship they have to give up their Israeli nationality.

The procedure to renounce citizenship, a person has to submit application in Israeli embassies abroad which transferred it to Israel Administration of Border Crossings then Population and Immigration which either gave the approval or discarded it.