Published On: Mon, Feb 16th,

Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Chan Released From Beijing Jail

The 32-year-old Jaycee, filmmaker and Kung Fu star Jackie Chan’s son had released from Beijing city jail in China, after facing the six months jail on drugs allegations.

After the six month jail, Jaycee felt bad his past acts and apologized his fans for all illegal actions and also begged them to get a second chance as he hurt with indecent activities in past.

The ‘Double Trouble’ star was arrested with allegations to authorize friends to utilize his residence to have fun with marijuana. Jaycee had formally apologized while addressing a press conference for illegal behavior in past because his fans never expected him for it, mother Lin Feng-jiao also were present there.

In this conference, he admitted all sins and vowed to rededicate his life to mother Feng-jiao and father Chan as well as promised to take serious his career while working in film industry.

Chan made his strong identity in Chinese media with his martial arts, acting, singing and filmmaking skills and now his young son also took the decision make his profile more strong like his father.

The Chinese police have taken into custody Jaycee and some other friends as well as Taiwanese star Ko Kai in August, while performing bad behavior in his residence and for this believes he deserved punishment.

Son of Drunken Master star said, “After this correction by the justice system, I have changed my outlook on life and my values,”

After the investigation and test, 25-year-old Ko and Jaycee both convicted with allegations of using marijuana at his apartment in Beijing with friends as police received over 100 grams marijuana.

The court could be sentenced him more than three-year but court showed relaxation while announcing sentence as caught with red handed breaking the rule.