Published On: Thu, Apr 9th,

Will One Direction Survive After Zayn Malik Quit

After some tensions, Zayn Malik decided quit from One Direction band but after his give up band members feeling a huge space because he was perfect for group.

However, here comes Ashely Parker Angel to fulfill the empty seat of Zayn, and for this, gave audition but it was bit ridicule audition for band. So, question raises, is he would be perfect?

Actually, One Direction has discovered a new member who said to be that will fulfill space of ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ who introduced himself while giving #FakeAudition to be a part of World’s famous band.

Ashley has been attempting for weeks after quit of 22-year-old Zayn but everyone questioning—is he perfect or just a gust?

Ashley sang Zayn’s ‘Night Changes’ while giving audition and every member of 1D impressed by his act which was almost mimicry of Zayn but have to prove himself by working with Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, let see what does he do?

The 33-year-old Ashley is experienced vocalist, who is vocalist of America’s well-known pop band boy band, O-Town, in which appears lead singer.

The hitmaker of ‘Soundtrack to Your Life’ who remained successful to grab million attention with his best because is good singer and now wishes to be a part of 1D group.

The O-Town American boy band was shaped in 2000 from the first season of the MTV-produced reality television series Making The Band.

On the other hand, it said to be that One Direction wants their member Zayn back and they don’t want to lose him as 1D has declared in statements, previous week.

1D fans also praying for Zayn’s return because his co-ordination in band makes perfect them and no one can fulfill his space.