Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd,

Kim Kardashian Reveals her Mother Kris Jenner’s Secrets with Corey Gamble

American renowned socialite Kris Janner, who happily spent 25 years of her married with husband Bruce Jenner, turns to young black guy Corey Gamble. So many reports about their relationship are flying high on social media.

Gamble is working in talent management and friend of some high-profiled Hollywood celebrities and Kris’ move towards young black boyfriend is creating tension in her family.

However, the 59-year-old mother tried to assure her Khloe Kardashians that she didn’t rush to create serious relationship with toyboy beau Corey.

When 30-year-old daughter Khloe asked Kardashian family leader about her past dating with Gamble, so in the answer mom shyly told that couple has not been dating each other for months, days before started and doesn’t want to get married again.

Sexiest Khloe said her mother while advising that she can f**** whoever you want but don’t tie the knot again. Nowadays, the love saga of Kris and Gamble is on lips of everyone on Sunday’s episode of the hit reality television show.

Husband of Kourtney, Scott Disick said to Kylie Jenner, “She’s newly single. We’ve got to get her in the playing field. I just don’t know what kind of man she expects or is going to want at this point.”
Kylie answered, “I think the same age, but I don’t think she thinks the same age,”

Disick laughed at answer of his sister in law, that she believes is at age of 40 but reality is something else.

Nervous Kris discovered Scott, Kylie and Kendall looking via her text messages to find out who she had been flirting with.

Scott told it is impossible to move back in her dating period 23-year later, though she is doing sex with other men so it looks so strange as before 20 years, he doesn’t believe, were getting laid via text messages.