Published On: Sat, Nov 1st,

Maine Judge Ruled In Favor Of a Nurse, Rejects Quarantine


Maine: Judge ruled in favor of Nurse, rejected the isolation of Kaci Hickox on Friday, who treated Ebola patients in West Africa.

Kaci Hickox, a nurse aid worker who treated Ebola Patients in West Africa, has been isolated by state authorities to restrict her from public place like theaters, museums, shopping centers and from travelling with public over fear of Ebola.

District Court Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere has restricted her earlier ruled in favor of Hickox on Friday as she can move everywhere she want to, also in the public places but with direct active monitoring of Ebola and let the health officials know if she has any symptoms of deadly Ebola.

Hickox, 33, who was engaged in treating Ebola victims in West African city Sierra Leone, has been quarantined over Ebola fear by local authorities of state.

On Friday, Hickox said thanks to the judge commented on ruling that it was good compromise and she would obey the order of daily active monitoring, she said that her thought, prayers and gratitude are always with the personnel battling with Ebola.

Ebola is really an epidemic and worse disease ever faced by world, there is nowhere near winning against this virus but should continue this fight to avert the Ebola till our win, she said to media person outside her home with her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur.

Maine state authorities wanted to isolate Kaci Hickox till 21 days, the incubation period of Ebola while the nurse has no symptoms of this lethal virus but with the order of Judge LeVerdiere on Friday, she has no more limits to step out from her home either go for shopping or move closely with public.