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Top 10 Best Ways How To Propose A Girl

The most important stage in your life when you decide to propose to someone you love a lot as well considers that she would be perfect one for you in your future. But let me advise you a better way, before proposing, you must ask yourself questions; are you in love with her passionately?

Is she appears completely sincere with you? How much understanding created between both of you? Because love in not enough to create a husband-wife relationship as understanding, sincerity and care to bottom of heart, makes any relationship strong.

Today, I am going to suggest you top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl in this list which I designed after a days’ study. The way you propose someone, should be impressive as girls demand creativity in love relation.

10: Banner Proposal

As there are so many arts being used to propose to your beloved person for years but banner proposal technique appears to be effective because a well-designed banner with cool color scheme, throws killing effects on your girlfriend. By nature, girls are so demanding — always expect to their lovers something different and new, reason why boyfriend must propose using the beautiful banner with quote ‘Nothing Without You’, ‘We made for Each Other’ or something else as it attack on your lover’s heart.


9: Surprising By Hiding In A Box

Hiding yourself in a box which you should decorate with a graceful gift paper, might be extraordinary technique proposal because it first makes your lover laugh, then would be surprise over the way you planned this idea. But don’t forget to hold a twinkling ring in your hand because it is one of most crucial objects in best proposal ways or proposal never completes without elegant a ring. The hiding in a box yourself has been utilizing for year, hence thought to place it on ninth rank in our list of top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl.


8: Radio Proposal

Don’t forget that girls love brave boys or men because girls are naturally coward, hence they can’t express their feelings easily or wish to be proposed by lovers. Girls always want dare in their lovers because a daring man can fulfill her demands as well propose her. It observed to be that girls love to hear the songs via radio, so it would be best way to propose using your lovers’ favorite one radio channel and for this you should ask local FM radio station to let you a chance to propose your love lady via FM. I mean it, the way will be shocking for her but don’t forget to dedicate a most romantic number to her, then the answer must be ‘Yes’.


7: Picnic in the Park

One of the pleasant, simple as well most romantic techniques proposing to your love lady because a perfect location matters in love relation as girls like peaceful, grassy or hill stations to spend quality time with boyfriend. The technique has acquired a massive response yet, hence placed on seventh rank in top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl. You should take your love lady at beautiful hill station but first buy an elegant ring and packed it inside the chocolate covered strawberry because it will certainly receive positive review from your lady. Chocolate also symbolize of deep love, so should present a beautiful chocolates covered with strawberry, bucket as well champagne while purposing to your loving partner.


6: T-shirt Proposal

Boys always get tensed when they intended to propose his partner but can’t decide that what should do to make their proposal perfect to hear word ‘Yes’ when he ask her ‘Will You Marry Me’. For this, boys talk each other that what technique would be good one for him, a text ‘will you marry me’ print on cool color’s t-shirt, must impress your love lady but wear it while holding a flowers bouquet and call her in a beautiful park, so result would be positive.


5: Proposal During a Movie Break

Every girl has different thinking, some like outing, strolling, long drive, dinner date, and some other things with partner, so you should target the way which she like to spend with you and there so can get encouraging reply in response of your proposal. When you take your girlfriend to watch movie, which is a best way to be relax mind, when mind would be relax so focused at the moment. I just want to suggest you to present your proposal during the movie break. Proposal during a movie break ranked on fifth place in our list of top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl.


4: Special Day

Plan to propose your partner as well on one of the special days, might be finest one of the manners, as everyone feels good at festivals, occasions, events or other special days. Frame of your lover’s mind, has crucial importance in your love acts because better time for suitable task, gives you success in you mission. According to studies, proposal on special day— can win your partner hearts easily.


3: Place Where You Met First Time

Women love to live in dreamy world, hence if her partner performs some dramatic acts for her, will be please, as girls prefers filmy kind of acts in her love relations. To propose at place where you met first time can be brilliant idea for every boy because that will throw romantic effect on one who want to say these words as ‘will you marry me’ when you take her at location where you both met first time. The technique also has been using for years— hence we placed it at third place in our list of top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl.


2: Candle lit Dinner

Dinner date in dim lights is considers one of most-wanted fragility of women because it develops romantic atmosphere as well flares up love feelings which make you dinner date perfect. Because of most effect way to propose your woman on Candle lit Dinner, will become the key for approval by your love lady side, so don’t miss to use it while proposing.


1: Be Yourself

The method, ‘be yourself’ acquired top rank in our list top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl, what specialty the method has? The question might be raise in your mind, let me clear it — listen before move towards your proposal, you should consult your fellows or elders because in this case you can find out the better way to impress your girlfriend or win her heart. However, after consulting your fellows— make a decision by yourself by observing who scenario as well take a little view of your woman frame of mind and then propose her carrying out short act.



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