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Top 10 Places for a Romantic Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Delhi

Pre-wedding Photoshoot

The shoots of pre – wedding were capturing memories of the courtship and the distinct charm is also hold for each and every couple. These big fat Delhi weddings can be hectic for you and it involves every other person. A photo shoot of pre wedding is given some time to celebrate and unwind togetherness. Here we are, to take you at the pre wedding shoot in Delhi through all the best locations.
The trends are dominating the Indian wedding scene and this one is getting famous with the pre wedding shoots. The western concept is one of the must haves for every couple. With the pre wedding shoots, couples prefer all the natural settings on the pretentious background. This is also favored by all the photographers.
Delhi has many beautiful places which seem to be perfect for your sweetheart and to make some of the memories memorable. Here are some of the locations which are best for the pre wedding shoots.

1)Lodhi Gardens

Mosque of Sheesh Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens

Greenery in the beautiful garden is the best setting for any photographer. The lights in early morning provide you an ideal setting to mesmerize pictures and to capture all the expressions and looks of the groom and bride. The flowers are colorful which provide a setting in the background instead of the artificial decorations in the studio.
The amidst of the city sprawling with the modern day marvels are the Lodhi Gardens which carry its share of Delhi in the rich cultural history in it. Monuments like many tombs are done in the elaborated architectural craftsmanship, lush greenery and scenic bridge dominates the setting of a place. With the skilled photographers and bright day, lifetime memories can be created.

2)Humanyun’s Tomb

There are many historical places where vintage feel can be provided which is the most sought after it comes to the photo shoots. The famous one among these is the Humayun Tomb that is perfect in achievement of the desired results. If you are looking for an old place for your album then this is the best place to be
The influences of Persia allow you to dominate the photographers in terms of the presentation of architecture at the Tomb of Humayun. The gardens are well planned on the four sides with the walkways which are beautifully carved and it has marble structure, red stones and water fountains. They highlight it and it can be lured into the short listing of the lovely location for the pre wedding photoshoot.

3)HauzKhas Fort & Lake

This is the place of historic Delhi which deserves to be at the top of the list. The couples who want to look unique in the image must serve the purpose. While wearing something casual, the contrast of the rustic background and the images give a rough look which gives it a twist.
It is must to choose the HauzKhas village in resignation of the loving memories with the loved ones. This fort in here stands tall with the well – trimmed parks which have beautiful and long passages, windows, staircases and arches to overlook the pond.
The Deer park lies near the houses of tomb structures, rabbits and deer from the period of Mughal which makes an affordable backdrop to the photo session.

4)Sanjay Van ( Vasant Kunj )

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Forest and magical feel can be settled and unconventional which comes up with the complementariness in the Sanjay Van. This area is placed at the area near Vasant Kunj and they are completely under the influences of the city and are unadultered. They have thick green vegetables and thick ones which are beside the paradise of bird’s lover. Tree shades, sunlight and walk trails can be passed through the thick forests which do the peacock talking.

5)Agrasen Ki Baoli ( Connaught Place )

An ancient stepwell is essential on the Hailey Road at the Agrasen Ki Baoli in the place of Connaught and they have a serene place to know the demanding and loud city. The steps are about 103 in red stone which has stone walls and are lined with the solitude and seclusion. This is the perfect Baoli which is unique for the pre – wedding shoots.

6)Mehrauli Archeological Park ( Mehrauli )

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Some shots steal amidst the most ancient archeologists relics at the park of Mehrauli Archeological which spreads about 200 acres of land in the Mehrauli. The tomb of Balban, Rajon Ki Baoli, JamaliKamali Tomb, Metcafe’s Canopy and Tomb of Khan Shahid are the structures of the standstills of the structures which have a huge range of the varieties which can be wished by anyone to sprinkle on the timelessness in their shoots.

7)Garden of Five Senses ( Saket )

If the setting of artists is what you look for heads towards the Garden of Five Senses in the SaiyadUlAjaib in Saket. The stills are placed here which takes against the backdrops variety to the providers of spacious garden. The rugged rocky stances were the bonny beads of flower, waterlilies to architecture, water pools with lotuses, landscaping and modern art installations inspires the Mughal Era which is left with the memories of plethora for a lifetime.

8)Flora Farms ( Noida )

Pre wedding shoots are about the bringing out of chemistry in between the couple which can be appreciated about the appropriation to maintain the secluded space for the trick of you two. The floral farms in Noida were planned with shrubbery and wooden cottages in planned and maintained swimming pool with the cafeteria and the clean pathways for an interesting quotient of flora.

9)Heritage Transport Museum ( Gurgaon )

For a setting to get the amazingly awesome fun click for your pre wedding photo shoot. The best place for you in Heritage Transport Museum in Bilaspur Chowk in Gurgaon has been the best place for you. It spreads about at the area of about 90, 000 sq. ft. This museum is the one which is arranged with the two wheelers, howdahs, palanquins, bullock carts and vintage cars. All the dimension play images were clicked in the fun factor which shows the relationship between the Kitchen and Olive Bar.
The ones who believe in the love story are no less than a fairy tale. They dream like the Kitchen and Olive Bar ambience in One Style Mile in which Mehrauli waits for you. You are ruled by the hues of black and white by the pristine. Olive bar comes up with arrange of options and the locations to get clicked. Laden is long laden which curtains and plays with the sun and wind and the top seating of terrace is covered with the décor elements which prove to be interesting like cushions and candles of many hues are haven for you photographers who seeks great shots in it.

10)DusitDevarana ( NH – 8 )

You need to sit back and unwind the vast sprawling of serene location setting of the DusitDevarana who sit snugly on the NH 8 to get the life larger than this and the shots become beautiful. The interiors are contemporary with the amazing lighting which offers a variety of pictures in the worthy hotspots. This is the delight of photographer.


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