Published On: Wed, Jun 17th,

Vladimir Putin Announces To Boost Nuclear Arsenal With 40 Missiles

Moscow: The Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced on Tuesday that Russia has set all to defend the nation as United States Warned against a return to a ‘Cold War status’, though decision has been taken to boost nuclear arsenal.

The Putin’s statement comes out after the White House announcement to enhance its number of troops in NATO states, Eastern Europe.

The tensions has been increasing between Russia and the West over the Ukraine conflict and when a threat comes from US to deploy more troops in Eastern Europe, in the response, Moscow Kremlin demonstrated huge rage and decided to enhance their nuclear power to face the every move from enemy.

Putin said, “As soon as some threat comes from an adjoining state, Russia must react appropriately and carry out its defense policy in such a way as to neutralize a threat against it,”

Putin showed great anger, as NATO accused country of support rebels in ongoing conflict, eastern Ukraine supplying weapons and other arm support, though Moscow refused these allegations.

As, Russia has announced to boost their nuclear power, in the reaction— NATO condemned by describing that the advance amounted to “nuclear sabre-rattling” and was “unjustified” and “dangerous”.

After the Putin’s statement on Tuesday, Jens Stoltenberg, who is 13th Secretary General of NATO stated that they are considering all acts of Russia as has been investing in Ukraine conflict as well providing weapons and other support to Pro-Russian Separatists to fight against the military.

Stoltenberg added, “We have seen Russia is investing more in defense in general and in its nuclear capability in particular”.

Days ago, relations between Moscow and Western countries have been moving towards down point since the Cold War started but the Putin’s declaration has fueled the issue as he described to increase nuclear arsenal to make stronger Russia’s position.