Published On: Mon, Jan 5th,

Amal Clooney Denies Threatened With Arrest in Egypt

Beirut: British-Lebanese lawyer Amal Clooney has denied threatened with arrest by Egypt officials for report identifying cracks in judiciary.

The London-based lawyer Amal Clooney has been threaten with arrest by Egypt government officials over her report revealing the flaws and cracks in the judicial system of Egypt, three of Al-Jazeera journalists facing imprison following same identifications.

British human rights lawyer has elaborated on Sunday that she has been threatened in early months when he started working on the case; the investigation report has been transferred from Cairo to London over these threats. The Lawyer explanation comes after the denial of allegations by.

Egypt’s interior ministry spokesman Hani Abdel Latif stated in given statement that ‘Why Clooney not specifies from the start who told her that about threat, we have nothing against her.

Clooney talking about her report said that it is considered most controversial, Egypt authorities asked me to not launch the report because it criticize the army, the judiciary and the government as well in which it is also revealed that Judicial system is not enough independent.

Earlier, three Al-Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Baher Mohamed, and Mohamed Fahmy are facing imprison of identifying deficiencies in judiciary.